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Hi, I am really new at P2P networking and haven't really explored it much. So i need some serious advice on how i will go about P2P particularly using FOSS and its security because i really want to do a paper on how i can actually use P2p technology using FOSS as application software and using Wifi direct. So can anyone help me on this and give me at least what are the pros and cons of this setup?


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Dear Monette,

if you don't receive an answer directly, do look up Sepp Hasslberger, who should have some suggestions,

WiFi+P2P`That sounds like mesh networking (802.11s).
I'd love a P2P client (I'm thinking about more than torrents) with native mesh network support.

Anything that could make communication and sharing easier in between multiple computers at home is awesome!

BTW: The OLPC's XO computer is using mesh networking. You could read a little about that.

Otherwise you could take a look at stuff like GNUNet.




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