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There is absolutely something wrong with the renter/property owner relationship because this is one of the defining features of capitalism. The property owner has all power (particularly in the UK where I am based), and the renter is completely disempowered. Hosting dissolves this relationship of exploitation, and while it doesn't take property ownership out of the equation, it is a form of property sharing, and is quite genuinely aligned with many of the peer to peer principles.

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Phoebe can you give good examples of what you mean by that?
I think I know what you mean...but then I think I don't. What's different about a host?
I agree with you Phoebe (sorry to participate a year later!). I believe in the reclaiming of hospitality as a practice that belongs to everyone. It got institutionalized about 1500 years ago as group of houses, communities became cities and therefore others took the role of caring for those visiting or in need. Usually it was the church. We need to reclaim this.

Btw, there is new initiative emerging from members of the Hub in London called flatclub. People are meeting to create a network of properties where we can stay ad hoc breaking the horrible renting/buying conditions in the UK. It's really corrupted, the way some profit from such a great and universal need of having a home.

Let's reclaim hospitality!
It seems that hosting is going mainstream.

BBC the other day had a service on couchsurfing as the new phenomenon in terms of travel and staying somewhere.

There's also a commercial service - tripping - which just came out of beta and is online.

Article about it here





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