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World Cup special: sports e-learning in Colombia

Via Carolina Botera:

he project is called ESCUELA VIRTUAL DE DEPORTES (EVD) http://www.deportes.gov.co/escuelavirtualdedeportes/

This was thought initially as a traditional open virtual school devoted to Colombian sports trainners to improve and share their knowledges on the idea that this will improve some sports public policies especially related with social and health issues, by using elearning strategies. However, considering the web 2.0 capabilities some changes were mande and with the introduction of open ideas (especially the OER concept to the content) they realized the impact could go really beyond this initial audience and goal. I will like to point out some things about this project:

a. It is about sports, this gaves it a very broad and bottom up community to work with that, is really a lot more than just education and trainners. It has to be with many audiences: children, teachers, sport fans, small practitians groups, leagues, etc. It has to be with education and sports, but also with health, hobbies, social impact, public ideas in general (funds, policies...) etc.
Surprisingly there is not that much of information on sports on the Internet (especially in spanish) in the way the school is doing it so there was certainly a niche to work with.

b. Their contents were all licensed with ccbysa with the primary intention to allow Internet dissemination especially through wikipedia
The EVD has already included a lot of content to wikimedia projects as you can see in
Or their content that is in wikimedia commons
The main idea is to build a community that will distribute this content and use it for all purposes from trainning to what ever is good for them (normal education curriculum, selflearning, etc). The idea is to provide good quality material that can be modified and localized as people need (not just Colombians and not just trainers).
Right now a bus is going around Colombian countryside showing the EVD and the projects to see how different people could use the content http://laexpediciondeportiva.blogspot.com/

c. It is a public funded project (money has been until now from Coldeportes, Colombian authority on this field) that wants to increase impact through Internet, they want to effectively talk about public resources being publicly available. Especially because they believe that this strategy will work better on public policy goals for their special sector, will guaranty preservation of the material even if they can not keep the budget (Internet platforms will still host the content -wikipedia especially-, community will continue using and updating the contents, etc,), while they can focus on their main audiences (right now Colombian trainners on the different sports and Colombian schools)

In fact in the educational sector for instance, EVD (Escuela Virtual de Deportes) is willing to have an impact on the sports field similar to that of MIT OCW. Because the material could be used by schools and other educational and training institutions even if they charge for their services, they want it to be used, reused and increased by others relying on open model structures.

Soon not just the material will be out and circulating but the school will have real "open courses" tha will be available even for self evaluation (there will be guides to provide you with the tips to create your portafolio of evaluation if you follow the course)

Today´s goal is to be able to build a community that could develop it´s own sosteinability environment for the content.

d. This week the Campus Party (lan party that takes place for the 3rd year in Bogota www.campus-party.com.co/campusblog.html) will start, I am in charge of the web2,0 area, and there is a group of Colombian Wikipedians that will be attending the event: we will have a workshop on editing content and wikipedia, we will promote the wikimedia Colombian future group, we want to increase colombian material in wikimedia projects (especially spanish wikipedia) and we will do this by using the EVD content,

For this purpose some contests will take place and Coldeportes is giving away 5 prizes (tickets to events in Bogota) for assistants:
- to develop better tools to upload material to wikipedia (ie for groups of movies),
- to improve access to the content (subtittles for the videos),
- to remix material,
- to improve spanish wikipedia content with the material.

As you see it is a nice project and not very common in this region, I am know starting to do all to turn this into a special collection inside the wikimedia projects and will need to arrange information to promote it..., so please jump in if you can help. Teemu, how do you think I can proceed now on the collection procedure?

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