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"Wisdom, a conversational tango" book-launch LONDON December 14,

"Wisdom, a conversational tango" book-launch LONDON

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM (GMT)

London, United Kingdom


David Pinto and Wendy Lobatto have written a book called, "Wisdom, a conversational tango". The strap line is, "Can you recognise someone wiser than you?"


It places wisdom between us, and thus energises live listening/talking, reading/writing in a new formulation of the classic passive/active or receiver/transmitter or follower/leader dichotomy. Some of the ideas are:

  • mapping of complex system like tango to social organisation
  • an end to leadership, an embrace of fellowship
  • the simultaneity of communication in live listening/talking as well as reading/writing
  • a new dynamic framework of the "psycho-social" as field, dichotomy, and continuum
  • science itself as a social object
  • the rigorous methodology of buddhism as the practice of radical subjectivism
  • subjective science as it applies to repeatable experimentation in the experiential social field between us

The event will comprise readings from the book, complemented by practical and participatory activity, and some demonstrations by David and Wendy. Participants will be able to ground the new material in their own experience, in the basic relationship of tango, and are encouraged to apply it in other areas of life including conversation, personal relationships, and business potential.


Forget theory about social objects. It is all about mutual practice, learning what works. The book offers a radical alternative to current social dialogue, implies a deep methodological shift, and offers a humanly sustainable developmental path from the individual, through pairs and small teams, to scalable orders of self-organisation that are global.


A few books will be on sale, but a signed book will be given with every "be exceptional" ticket and complementary glass of wine.

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