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We Magazine is out: on open design and manufacturing.

Message from Ulrike Reinhard

Please note the overview article: http://www.we-magazine.net/we-volume-02/the-emergence-of-open-design-and-open-manufacturing/

hi all,

here we go - we-magazine vol. 02 is launched!!

you can download the PDF file here, a printed version will
be send to you next week via lulu.com.

for this we would need your adresses .... thanks!

we-magazine was first launched in august 2008 and has
so far reached in more than 140 counries worldwide! it has
been translated into arabic and chinese ... so will vol. 02.

we-magazine is all about the emergence of a new understanding of
"WE", caused and driven by the WEB in the fields of art, culture,
society, education, economics and science ...

again thanks a lot for your contribution and for your time
and effort you've invested. WE are proud to have you @ WE!

and please ...



Best to all of you! Have a great weekend!

Bea, Dominik & Ulrike

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