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Three spiritual initiatives related to #ows: Medmob and Occupy the Ne

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  • Our intention is to create an environment for people from all religions, all world views, and all experience levels to join together in meditation. Our vision is to continue inspiring world-wide meditations until the entire world is invited to join - literally!


Unitribewith Srikala Kerel Roach and Alokananda Walla


  • Individuals and organizations uniting for the prosperity of the planet. We at UNITRIBE are committed to supporting a unified culture that values and honors interconnectedness, community empowerment, wellness, sustainability , creative expression and the expansion of consciousness. We are actively supporting the evolution of a unified and integrated planetary culture; empowering people to create positive changes in their individual lives and as a community. Together we can build bridges to create a meaningful and enhanced future. UNITRIBE is forming a unified network focused on community empowerment, evolutionary night-life, wellness, transformational workshops, visionary arts, music and healing. The UNITRIBE network features events, programs, services and workshops that support the mission of building authentic community. We know that these features create the opportunity for individuals to feel a deeper connection to themselves, one another and the web of life. LOOK FOR US SOON A
  • Occupy the Netwith Jared Krupnick
    Occupy The Net is facilitating the synergistic co-creation of our transformed corporate, educational, media, political, financial, and other societal systems to create a healthy, peaceful, sustainable future for life on this planet. Occupy The Net has been inspired by the energy and commitment of the people who have taken to the streets in the Occupy Wall Street and broader Occupy Together movement, but Occupy The Net is founded upon the principal that 100% of us have co-created the current reality that we are all experiencing together. As we take responsibility as a collective society for our current systems, and clearly recognize the gap between our current systems and our ideal systems, we wield the power to co-create our future societal systems exactly as we choose, in alignment with our highest good as society. Launched on 11/1/11, this website will be adding content and functionality rapidly to provide an online collaborative, co-creative working space for each of us to share

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