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Third FC Forum in Barcelona: October 27, 2011

Preliminary statement and translation by Simona Levi:


Oxcars and FreeCultureForum 2011 (27.30 october 2011)
Networks for a R-evolution
What the Internet has made for us and what we can do for him ;-).

2011 is the year of the emergence of consciousness of global network. The widespread use of social and digital networks has led to a leap in quality to citizen empowerment and has rised virally civil society in many parts of the world. The struggles in defense of the Internet have been a great breeding ground for these uprisings.

The movement of the #15M #spanishrevolution is organized on the Internet. At the same time one of its greatest strengths is the feedback between the network and the street, between the Internet and the squares and neighborhoods.

We have to continue feeding, promoting and improving the efficient use of the Internet to mobilize and direct participation.

Already in the previous edition of FCForum we have discussed how the intensity of the struggle of civil society in the Spain for the protection of internet and against law Sinde (law against the discharges) was a starting point for Europe.

During 3 years FCForum and  OXCARS, that are taking place in Barcelona, are an international gathering to build and coordinate common tools for free culture and the Internet. The FCForum brings together the main organizations and active voices on this subjects but also is an open space for everyone who wants to understand, deepen and share in the responses to the pressing problems of networked societies.

FCForum this year focus as is inevitable will be on the experience of movement 15M as a case study to extrapolate to a global level.

The intent of FCForum 2011 is to analyze and construct among all those participating to the gathering the best tools we need right now to continue the stuggles.  On a global and local level.

This year some of the questions we will discuss:

0. What forms and organizational tools and networking have enabled the emergence of # 15M? How to improve these practices? How have they changed the ways of individual and collective in this context? How the culture of social networks has facilitated a change in the respect among the group? What dangers threaten internet globally? How the Internet has facilitated the creation of new forms of production and dissemination of culture? How some of these forms can be an outlet for artists to stop being used as an excuse to privatize the Internet? What we do with the SGAE (the main management entity Spain) now that their leaders have been prosecuted ;-)?

These 2-day meeting will be preceded as usual OXCARS of the largest free/libre culture show of all time. A great celebration of free culture, to heat engines.

We believe it will be very useful for the empowerment #globalrevolution and the defense of Internet.

This year, among many others, will help us to think John Perry Barlow that in 1996 ignited his 'Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace'; Alex de la Iglesia as a director of the Academy of Film who resigned against the law Sinde and many hackers and people who have created tools to assist in the mobilization of 15M, as the network N-1.cc.

Three days to think about what the Internet did for us and what we can do for him ;-).

Thursday October 27, 2030 Sala Apolo Barcelona Oxcars
Friday 28 and Saturday 29 11h-21h on the Rambla in front of Santa Monica and Santa Monica, metro Drassanes

Twitter at @ fcforum_net (English)
@ Identi.ca at FCForum (English)
Twitter at @ X_net_ (Castilian)

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