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Social networks and the next phase of Atlantic capitalism

Interesting to note that there was session on Social Networks: Connectivity and Security Issues at the Bilderberg conference earlier this month, and Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon were among those represented.

I have wikified the guest list list here:



Bilderberg is, I think a particularly significant forum for what amounts to organising the reproduction of an Atlantic capital circuit. Kees Van Der Pjil's The Making of the Atlantic Ruling Class is a very good account of the Fordist and neoliberal phases of this process.


I wonder what role the Bilderberg participants see for networked technology in shaping a new cycle of capital accumulation that can overcome the current crisis, and how they intended to overcome its tendency towards decommodification?


On a possibly related point, I see Google is sponsoring a conference on deradicalisation this week.


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Comment by Michel Bauwens on July 10, 2011 at 14:19

saw this a bit late Tom, but thanks for this, i have facebooked and tweeted it only just now,


interesting point about overcoming decommidification, perhaps we could have a debate on this on our mailing list?

Comment by Tom Griffin on July 12, 2011 at 15:06
Thanks Michel, I have just signed up for the mailing list.

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