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Sign the Brazilian free culture petition, it's under sustained attack!

Via Silke Helfrich:


Dear all,

thank You so much for undersigning the Open Letter to Brazilians
President Dilma Rousseff in support of the work of the Brazilian society
and government for the cultural commons!

It took us some time (actually our whole stay in Dakar at the World
Social Forum) to craft the letter, to collect first signatures (yours)
and to prepare the launch. Therefore, sorry for the delay in responding
your mails and requests.

But now the petition is online and can be signed by everybody:

Thanks for spreading the link on your blogs, websites and mailing lists!

As for the launch to international and Brazilian Media, last Friday we
had the wonderful opportunity to join the Assembly for Communication at
the WSF. I was informed yesterday, that the organizers are currently
creating an e-mail list, which means that our Petition will be send to
the following Media and communication networks early next week (until
then, the more people join us, the better):

Abong, association brésilienne des ONG (Brésil)
Action Jeunesse (Maroc)
African Klomeo renaissance (Nigeria)
AK-Project (Sénégal)
Alai - Agencia Latinoamericana de Información (Ecuador)
Alba TV (Venezuela)
Alternatives (Canada)
Amarc Association mondiale des radios communautaires
Aphad (Sénégal)
Arcoiris TV (Italie)
Berlin Carré (Allemagne)
Caritas (France)
CIC Bata (Espagne)
Cdtm72 (France)
Cedidelp (France)
Ciranda (Brésil)
Citim (France)
Communautique (Canada)
Editions Charles Léopold Mayer (France)
e-Joussour (Maroc)
Federacion de sindicatos de periodistas (Espagne)
FocusPuller (Italie)
Forum alternative (Maroc)
Fundacion Quepo (Espagne)
Giaba (Guinée Bissau)
Guinée Culture (Guinée)
HEKS (Sénégal)
IMC (Africa)
Imersao Latina (Brésil)
Intervozes (Brésil)
KebethCache women resource center (Nigeria)
Maison des citoyens du monde (France)
Maison des droits de l’homme (France)
Maison du Monde d’Evry (France)
May first / People link (Etats-Unis)
Mission for Youth (Ouganda)
Pambazuka (Afrique)
Queens Magazine (Nigeria)
Revista Forum (Brésil)
Ritimo (France)
Rural Health women Day (Nigeria)
Saharareporters.com (Nigeria)
Social Watch (Italie)
Soylocoporti (Brésil)
Support Initiative For sustainable development (Nigeria)
Survie (France)
TIE (Brésil)
TV Star (Sénégal)
UnisCité (France)
UPO (Espagne)
Vecam (France)
WarriorsSelf-Help group (Kenya)
WSFTV, world social forum TV

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