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Via Jonas Nachtergaele:


Sharing Files, drop some - get some! 
Offline Collecting & Distributing ‘free content’ zips

By inserting a Usb-stick users can put their own creative .zip-files on the installation and get those of others. All content is to be licensed under Creative Commons. 

A shared database with open files (text, fonts, sound, video, pics, software, ...) ready to comsume or use in further creative actions!

Get zipping!

Zipstick was released on March 15th 2011 (The Game Is Up - Festival @ Vooruit, Ghent.be - http://www.vooruit.be) and will be going on tour until December 2011 and will then have a collected content celebration night! 

On our website (http://www.zipstick.be) people can see some random .zip content on the installation (to get hold of that, they 'dd have to go to the zipstickspot) and there's always one Uberzip (compiled by several artists) available as download for approx. one day and and later only offline.

Et voila

LADDA - expert in jeugdcultuur        
Jonas Nachtergaele, 'Creative director
www.ladda.be - t° 09/ 329.93.99 

++ Nieuw adres: Oktrooiplein 1, 9000 Gent!

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