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Via Kevin Flanagan:


Reset Ireland is a grassroots initiative to facilitate conversation for real social, political and economic change through developing an action plan for open government and media reform. Many conversations about political reform are all ready taking place in Ireland. Reset Ireland is an opportunity to knit these conversations together. A call to action for an alternative Ireland.

Whats this about?

Like many people witnessing the events of the past couple of years we grew tired of talking and began asking ourselves what we could do to promote positive change.

Greater access to information on the workings of government empower the public in making informed decisions on the direction they want the country to take. Open Government and media reforms can make this a reality.

The key inspiration for Reset Ireland comes from projects such as the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative www.immi.is along with various other projects promoting openness, transparency and accountability in Government around the world. (link Sunday business post)

The aim of Reset Ireland is to create an opportunity for talented people to come together and to work collaboratively on developing a set of proposals with a positive vision for Ireland’s future.
So if you have an interest in media freedom digital or otherwise, government openness, transparency and accountability then this applies to you.

So how is this going to work?

Reset Ireland isn’t your usual conference. Don’t expect keynote speakers. This is a working conference using the Open Space format to get the most out of the talents participants bring to the table. Open Space is designed to help groups tackle complex issues. It challenges each participant to take responsibility for their experience and supports lively and engaging conversation. The essence of Open Space is that, once the framework is explained, its in the hands of each participant to co-create the agenda and to select which topics to start or engage with. We are very fortunate to have Johnnie Moore as our facilitator for Reset Ireland.
For further information on Open Space see

The outcomes of the event, the proposals and action plans will be published online. Work on which will continue through a wiki after the conference. The final text will be attributed to its many authors and openly licenced for people to share. A summary of the output will be distributed to all Irish political representatives.

Consider this event a stepping stone. With your support over the coming weeks and months and in the run up to the general election Reset Ireland will actively promote the text to raise public awareness of the benefits of Open Government and greater Information Freedom.

Admission is Free but as capacity is limited we ask that you register by dropping us an email at resetireland@gmail.com . We will get back to you with confirmation.

When & Where
The event will take place over 2 days Saturday Jan 15th 9am-6pm and Sunday Jan 16th 9am-4pm at 091Labs, Exchange House, Fairgreen, Galway (Near the Radison Hotel)

We really want people to attend both days but understand this is not always possible. If you can only make it for the one don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Members of Irish Open Data community. Spunout.ie , Boards.ie

The Organisers are
Declan Elliott a facilitator interested in self-organizing systems and peer learning.
Kevin Flanagan a visual artist with an interest in Digital Culture.

For further information and updates see

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