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Report: The DemoCratic Workplace, by Rune Kvist Olsen

A message from Rune Kvist Olsen

Ask the full PDF via rukvol@online.no

This concept of “The DemoCratic Workplace” is a way to rebuild corporate credibility, accountability and trust throughout the world. The appeal in communicating and forwarding these ideas can be seen as one of the ultimate reactions to the global shift in corporate and economic history of this tumultuous times inflicted with substantial changes and transformations on how our corporate systems in society are functioning.

As someone who is operating in corporate life just stated; “There is a global shift going on requiring us to rethink the way we have designed our corporations and economic systems to work. We strongly believe we must instead expand our thinking around what may be the new models of organizational design and discover a more enlightened, sustainable and profitable design that embraces, rather than undermines humanity”.

The author Wanda Marie Pasz who is a specialist within the area of workplace democracy is stating: “It's the first time I've seen someone discuss the concept of a shared vision of how the workplace should operate and develop a practical method arriving at that shared vision. I think this is a very important document and a breakthrough of sorts on the road to workplace democracy. I'm also thinking that the timing couldn't be better to start promoting these ideas. The global economic meltdown is going to leave a lot of enterprises - public and private - looking for new ways of doing things and so these seemingly radical ideas might just gain some traction. If enterprises are expected to be mindful of their impact on people and communities, then people and communities must play a part in deciding how those enterprises operate, what they do, how they do it... and all of this means that we will need ways of working together that no longer involve imposed decisions. The situation seems to cry out for workplace democracy - the real kind”.

The intention with the message of “The Leadingship Approach” is to arise and mobilize New Standards of awareness and consciousness in establishing and implementing alternative options in designing our corporate organizations to work successfully and profitably. The main key is to create a New Social Order in working communities that recognizes and embraces the sovereignty and autonomy of each and every individual human being at work.

I hope for a valuable assistance in promoting the vision presented in the concept of “The DemoCratic Workplace” by communicating and forwarding this message throughout relevant operations and networks.

Please enjoy the paper and give me a signal on this request.

All the best

Rune Kvist Olsen

Design and implementation of the Equal Dignity Organization

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