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Remix : Culture Hacking Panel at Mindfield, Dublin, April 29th

Remix : Culture Hacking

The Remix is no longer solely the domain of the DJ. Culture is a
conversation and today in the Internet age more people than ever are
taking part contributing their own creative take on the sounds, images
and texts that shape our world. Cheap access to digital tools and
broadband means anyone can remix and publish online. Its become a part
of everyday life. But this emergent culture of sharing and remixing is
not without its challenges. Mashups and remixes are frequently taken
down by popular websites like Youtube as a result of copyright
infringement claims in effect censoring and destroying what is one of
the 21st centuries most distinct and vibrant forms of counter-cultural
creative expression.

"Remix : Culture Hacking" brings together a diverse panel of artists,
musicians, technologists and legal academics for a lively discussion
and debate on the future of Remix Culture.

Featuring Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation), Benjamin Gaulon (Artist),
Darius Whelan (Creative Commons Ireland), Loughlin McSweeney
(Choicecuts.com), Mark O Cular (ItisOn.net) and Faith Lawrence
(Digital Humanities Observatory) the panel will be chaired by Kevin

8pm - 9.30 Friday April 29th, Ignition Tent @ Mindfield Festival of
Ideas, Merrion Square, Dublin.
(Admission is Free -  however seating is limited so arrive early)

Michel Bauwens will be representing the Free Culture Forum "Charter
for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge" and this years
declaration on "Sustainable Models for Creativity in the Digital Age"
http://fcforum.net . Michel is founder of the http://p2pfoundation.net

Benjamin Gaulon is an artist working with digital media
http://www.recyclism.com . He is a lecturer at the National College of
Art and Design and organises http://www.data.ie a regular meet up for
artists and creative technologists at http://imoca.ie Dublin.

Darius Whelan is a law lecturer in UCC and, with Louise Crowley, is
responsible for the
Irish port of the Creative Commons licence which is currently being finalised.

Loughlin Mc Sweeney is a DJ and he is co-founder of ChoiceCuts.
Choicecuts.com is their music blog they are also promoters and
organisers of club nights, festivals and events, they also offer a
range of web development and design services.
http://www.workwithchoicecuts.com ChoiceCuts also developed Ireland's
first Crowd Funding Platform http://www.fundit.ie in conjunction with

Mark O’ Cúlar is a remixologist and documentarian. Also known as
videoist and dizzywizard, Mark has been working on alternative media
outlets on itison.net and itison.tv over the past ten years,
assembling a new media co-op and focusing on issues of social justice.
His interest in remix culture ties in with the need to analyse how
news is reported and shapes public perception. His work as a video
editor and VJ has been the driving force in experimenting with
storytelling using the mass media as source material.

Faith Lawrence is a digital humanities specialist with the Digital
Humanities Observatory. She did her first degree in ancient history
with a special interest in comparative mythology. Progressing sideways
she completed a masters in archaeological science (computing) before
finding herself in a computer science department researching online
communities, narrative and the semantic web. http://dho.ie/staff

Kevin Flanagan is a visual artist with an interest in digital culture.
He has exhibited in group shows  at home and abroad with his first
solo exhibition at the Galway Arts Centre in June 2010. He has
lectured on digital culture, is a member of 091Labs.com hackerspace
and holds a masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Ulster

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