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Ponoko announcement: World’s easiest making system now available in the EU

Derek Elley of Ponoko send us the following announcement and adds why it is important:

- US creators (like ESTY and Adobe users) can ship their products to EU customers at 85% less cost, and with less environmental impact.

- Shipping costs between the US and EU are reduced from $60 to $9 for for smaller goods.

- A new global distribution network for goods is increasingly taking shape - you now ship designs for local production.

Our online marketplace has connected creators and buyers of product designs to make over 40,000 user generated designs since we launched at TC40.
Today this marketplace now connects these creators and buyers with digital making services in the EU, so products can travel as digital designs to EU points of production/consumption.

If you haven't checked us out in a while, there's been some developments ... www.ponoko.com

Let me know if you'd like more info.

All the best, Derek

February 2, 2010

World’s easiest making system now available in the EU

Ponoko has partnered with German-based fabber Formulor to open a making hub in Berlin. It means EU-based creators using the Ponoko online making system can now choose to have their products made in Berlin – paying just a fraction of the shipping costs which has made ordering products from Ponoko’s US and Pacific-based making hubs prohibitive.
The development also opens up the European market for creators around the world. Items can now be produced in the EU and shipped locally, reducing the cost – and environmental impact – of long-distance shipping to the EU.

Ponoko CEO David ten Have says the Berlin hub is a departure from the existing making hubs in San Francisco, California and Wellington, New Zealand which are owned and operated by Ponoko.

“It provides a glimpse into what we see as the future of Ponoko,” he says. “Over time we see our role expanding to be about connecting creators, digital fabricators, materials suppliers and buyers of goods rather than simply providing manufacturing services ourselves.”

“So just like eBay provides the marketplace for buyers and sellers to engage, Ponoko provides the world’s first marketplace for buyers and sellers of product designs – and now digital making services.”

The benefit of Ponoko’s online making system for fabricators like Formulor extends beyond accessing pre-paid making jobs from Ponoko’s 25,000 users.

“Our automated online quoting system puts an end to manual quoting on a job by job basis,” says Ponoko strategist Derek Elley. “It also means standardized design file formats and automated job status alerts resulting in a much more streamlined and profitable making and customer service process.”

Ponoko is working with other digital making service providers to add more making hubs around the world. “It’s about making it easier to get things made, no matter where you, or your customers, are in the world,” Mr ten Have says.


For more information contact:
Derek Elley
+64 21 88 66 81

Stefan Canditt
+49 177 313 5492

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