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P2P Design workshop in Torino, June 9-10

Post-industrial design by ToDo & Massimo Menichinelli

Details at http://www.irealize.eu/post-industrial-design-by-todo-massimo-menichelli/

This is part of http://www.irealize.eu which has different workshops, such as I EAT, see for more info below:


A workshop exploring the ongoing evolution of a new scenario for design in the information society.


- CoDEsigners (Designers + coders):
a new breed of designers are creating and programming their own digital tools, applying computational strategies to design. Instead of designing static products, they create dynamic processes open to end-users contribution to generate a virtually infinite series of mass-customized products. Objects that are able to change and evolve through an ongoing dialogue with their own users. Is this a new kind of participatory design?

- Fluid workflows:
Digital fabrication technologies (lasercut, CNC mills, 3D print) make the production of small quantities or unique pieces economically viable. Products can be marketed online and on-demand skipping the route of mass-production.
We are witnessing a growing number of companies specialized in tailor-made solutions for small production and logistics, like Ponoko or Shapeways.

- Design-to-order:
a direct contact between designers and consumers, together with the availability of online tools to design and customize products will give birth to a new market? Mass customization and personalization will ever become something more interesting and radical then writing your own name on a pair of sneakers?

See also the I EAT workshop:

I EAT: eating is not anymore only about taste and quality , but concerns issues such as genetically engineered organisms (GEO), organic and “slow” food, fare trade and sustainability. What would happen if a global blackout switched the electricity off tomorrow?

I EAT - Workshop Title: Si è ciò che l’uomo mangia (Man ist was Mann iβt). Ovvero: L’uomo è ciò che mangia o L’uomo mangia ciò che è? by Nicola Ferrero and Nicola Perullo (SlowFood)

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