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Open call for material on the Lulz, Deleuze and the Rhizome

Open call for the lulz:

'Deleuze and The Lulz: Radical Emergence ... for the lulz' is a bold interdisciplinary journal that aims to challenge orthodoxies, encourage debate, invite controversy, seek new applications, propose new interpretations, and - above all - make new connections in the growing pack of researchers who study Deleuze, and the lulz..for the lulz.

It is our conviction that the often incomprehensible abstract machines of internet memetics, with its a-signifying mode of representation and contagious flows of dissemination, require the most rigorous, advanced and absolutely contemporary theoretical treatment.

Contribution to the journal may include experimental constructions of Deleuzian theories of/for the lulz as well as themes explored by Deleuze himself such as 'Lulz in the control society' or 'Wolfs in Lulz'.

Still, it is important to highlight that this journal is not another niche to the already vast collection of "Deleuze and X" journals. This is not about applying existing theory on a new, trendy field. Rather we want to inject the intense, chaotic, adventurous and hyper-connected spirit of the lulz into the nowadays lukewarm waters of internetional Deleuzian studies. You can forget about bringing your cybernomadic-surfboard...because I ate it!

Since we aim for an interdisciplinary approach where diverse fields are able to encounter each others practices, we encourage all internet celebrities, artists, theoreticians, trolls, spammers and camers with an special interest in the study or practice of the lulz to apply.. for the lulz.

Submissions will be IRC-reviewed by a board of prominent internet expert-users* with special competences ranging from fields such as philolsophy, chanology, netactivism, hacking, trolling, fashion, scripting and esoterism.

Written articles, graphic essays and pre-compiled coded work are eligible to submit, preferable in English or any other global dialect.

* Please note the editors will rid all works of any occurrences of copyright licenses.

The maximum lenght for written articles is 3000 max.
The maximum lenght for graphical essays is 3 pages.
The maximum size for coded works is 3 kilobytes.

Selected materials will be published in 'Deleuze and The Lulz: Radical Emergence ... for the lulz'. The journal will be available on print on demand and freely on the interwebs in December 2010.

Deadline: October 15th, 2010

Submit your materials at delulz@zefside.org

*Internet Expert-Users Board
(more to be annonced)

Magnus Eriksson: http://www.blay.se
Rasmus Fleischer: http://www.copyriot.se
m00t: http://www.4chan.org/news/?all#2
Geraldine Juarez http://www.simple-mechanisms.com
Leon Tan http://mattermedia.tumblr.com/

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