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'On The Money - a Vision Quest to the Heart of Local Money', a five day workshop for local currency designers in Findhorn from August 14-18, 2010

Via John Rogers:

Dear community currency supporter

We think you may be interested in a very special event this summer.

Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland is hosting 'On The Money - a Vision Quest to the Heart of Local Money', a five day workshop for local currency designers from August 14-18, 2010.


Why now?

Local money will play a critical role in the transition to the resilient communities of the future.
A few community currencies have succeeded and lasted decades. Many have not sustained themselves.
After thousands of experiments around the world it is time to apply the lessons learned to create a new generation of sustainable systems.

What does the workshop cover?

Why, What, How, Who, Where and When of community currencies.
How to get past the initial enthusiasm and idealism to create a system that lasts.
How to choose the best design features.
How to involve your community in the development process.
The workshop will be high on methodology, low in ideology, as we critically engage with existing models and systems to identify what works best for your own situation.

Who is leading it?

John Rogers and Jonathan Dawson, both experienced community currency acitivists and teachers.
With guest contributions from Richard Douthwaite, Margrit Kennedy and Bernard Lietaer and other community currency practitioners.

We will learn together how to channel the idealism and enthusiasm driving community currrencies into using the right tools to do the job of design properly and create a quantum shift in practice.

Please check out the short video about the workshop here: http://www.valueforpeople.co.uk/findhornworkshop

Full workshop details here: http://www.findhorncollege.com/proftraining/moneysoul.php

We hope you can join us!

Best wishes

John Rogers, Value for People

Jonathan Dawson, Findhorn Ecovillage

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