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NEW PUBLICATION MCD#69 NET ART: Artists take over the network

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NOUVELLE PUBLICATION/ NEW PUBLICATION MCD#69 " NET ART - WJ-SPOTS#2" Les artistes s'emparent du réseau Artists take over the network

The artists, critics, researchers and curators invited to contribute to this publication are giving us the keys, references and insights to comprehend the various art forms that coexist on the net, in its interstices and its peripheries. From an artistic point of view, the authors reflect upon what has taken place on the internet in the last two decades, and express how they perceived, experienced and lived through this era. From a social, political and artistic point of view, the contributors tell us: - how the network changed their relationship to the world, time and space, - how it transformed their uses, practices and ways of thinking - how it became a space for sharing, exchanging and creating. In a prospective approach, they are forecasting the coming years, wondering if the internet can stay a territory worth exploring in the future and if it will still be a fertile ground to produce hybrid art forms in which the physical and virtual worlds merge, rub off on each other and collide. The contributors also present a selection of websites they regard as significant, iconic and essential.

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Comment by Toon Van den Brempt on December 11, 2012 at 17:12

Wonderful! Sigh! Finally! ART IN THE P2P-NETWORK!!

My Scoop.it Topic

"P2P search for New Politics & Economics"

has in its description:

The Multitude Network Rebellion cannot resolve anything without clear political and economic answers, not afraid of artistic quality. This is a search.>>

my Profile says:

Ex-Amnesty staff and former Kunst & Democratie. Eager to learn about and contribute to the revival of P2P-force and Occupy / Indignons-nous! Trilingual Belgian. Addict of Info, cello and drawing. Arts can make a difference!>>

And indeed, as Oscar Niemeyer who left us last week says about architects and artists in general, "Our concern is political too – to change the world." 

In is my utmost believe that inorder to change the world, we need art as much if not more than we need theories.

It is without saying that I am glad whit the message "Les artistes s'empare du réseau / Artists take over the network."

I really hope that the P2P-Foundation and the P2P-rebellion in general will be eager to include artistic messages. Is it pure hazard or is it synergy that today and before reading the above Post, I posted this purely artistic testimony?

Let's share this and these ideas! 


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