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New commons-oriented political magazine: Stir To Action

Via Jonny Gordon-Farleigh:


"I have just finished editing Stir - www.stirtoaction.wordpress.com - feel free to republish any of the articles on your site.  They are all under creative commons licenses.  Also please share with anyone who is involved or interested in community organising and political activism.

It features:


Can the Commons Move from the Margins to the Mainstream?
by David Bollier


Why is it that the commons is so often excluded from official policy discussions about how to manage resources and improve people’s lives?


The Practice of Unknowing
by Marianne Maeckelbergh

The popular educator Paolo Friere said ‘You make the path by walking it’.  This saying is one of the guiding principles of the alterglobalization movement and it is this approach that radically differs from the prefigurative and overdetermined politics of the past.


Mastering Masterlessness
by Nina Power

If we can be simultaneously both student and teacher, can skill sharing work to reject specialisation and the deference it encourages?


Local Acts of Resistance Counter Global Systems of Domination
by Haleh Zandi of Planting Justice

With many facing environmental racism, cheap calorie and nutritionally bankrupt foods, and childhood obesity, Planting Justice are working to empower low income communities to meet their own food needs.


A Community Bill of Rights
by Ben Price

Having experienced endless litigations and relentless resubmission of permits by corporations, the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund decided they would be more successful if they created their own community-led ordinances that could be ratified in the US Constitution.


What do we want? And Who Decides?
by Kai Huschke

In the fall of 2007 seven people – active on neighborhood, social justice, and environmental fronts – gathered in a small living room in one of Spokane, Washington’s poorest neighborhoods to talk about their community.


Jonny Gordon-Farleigh

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