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New book: People Money - the Promise of Regional Currencies

Via  John Rogers 

'People Money - the Promise of Regional Currencies' 

tells the stories of 
14 leading local currency systems from around the world. It is a refreshing dose of positive good news and sanity in a time that is dominated by news of financial crisis and breakdown. The alternatives are real and are happening now. You can help them to grow!

Margrit Kennedy and Bernard Lietaer have teamed up with John Rogers to produce the first English edition of their best-selling German book (2004) on regional currencies, coming out from Triarchy Press in England on 5th July 2012:

"PEOPLE MONEY is a comprehensive, real-time survey of all the robust, viable local currencies emerging worldwide. This book is vitally important, not only to NGOs and concerned citizens, but also required reading for bankers, financiers and all economy policymakers looking for saner alternatives."
Hazel Henderson, author of Building A Win-Win World

"PEOPLE MONEY is the single most useful and empowering book I have encountered for those wanting to get involved in the complementary currency movement. Its diverse real-life examples and insightful 'how-tos', embedded in deep theoretical understanding, will surely make it essential reading for activists, policy-makers, and economists interested in localization and sustainability."
Charles Eisenstein, Author of Sacred Economics


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