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Via Elf Pavlik:


I've stayed in Barcelona for some days now and I have just started calling
up people from various networks and projects to start meeting in picnic
like environment with Open Space like meeting. If any of people from this
list stay in Barcelona please feel heartfully invited to join in! more info


I would like to call up people from various networks and projects for such
picnics in any city that I stay, at this moment I have Berlin and Amsterdam
in my plans for next weeks...

Please let me know if you feel interested in proposing such picnics and
helping a bit with their self-organization in your hometown! In next weeks
I would like to add to http://moneyless-world.info zoom for the map and
participation statistics across networks for all towns/cities (plus links
to local groups if available!). Any clue about data on locations of P2P
foundation participants? P2P local groups by any chance?

Mailing lists, forums etc. have their purpose but IMHO it all sucks
comparing to meeting up in person, especially if we can do it in a park
with sunny weather and sharing nice food which we bring with us =)

At this moment we roll it quite spontaneous and last minute but I hope
some people will still show up...
elf Pavlik

(living strictly moneyless for almost 2 years now)


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