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There are many things such as heart surgery progress notes, international health insurance information and medicine records, even weight loss pills usage that will be entered into a national medical data base. In the health care sector, there are mixed emotions in regard to this proposal. On the one hand, it would be wonderful to have all of this information at the fingertips of a medical care provider at the very moment needed. On the other hand, this could be too much information in the public's reach and could be detrimental. It is of utmost importance that this be a secure and accurate process for the health care institutions to remain top level. There will have to be many discussions among people of all types of jobs before this national data base will be created.

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Comment by Sepp Hasslberger on November 20, 2009 at 19:28
"this could be too much information in the public's reach and could be detrimental"

What does this mean? Too much information in people's reach, or too much information in the reach of public authorities?

How would it be detrimental?

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