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MAY 12TH – #12M GlobalMay Statement

MAY 12TH – #12M GlobalMay Statement

We are living in a world controlled by forces that are no longer capable to give freedom and dignity to the world´s population (if they were ever capable to do so). A world where it is told to us that there are no alternatives to the loss of rights, achieved with very hard and long struggles by previous generations.

We find ourselves in a world in which success is opposed to essential values of humanity, such as solidarity and mutual support. Moreover, anything that does not promote competitiveness, selfishness and greed is seen as dysfunctional. This immoral ideology is reinforced by the monopoly of the mainstream media, the instruments that create the necessary consensus around this unfair and unsustainable system.

But we have not remained silent. Our consciousness has awaken, and have joined to a wave of collective consciousness which is spreading light in every corner of the world. From Tunisia to Tahrir Square, from Madrid to Reijkiavik, from New York to Brussels, people have risen up in the Arab Spring, in the dignity of Iceland, in the wrath of 15M or the Occupation of Wall Street. Together we have denounced the current situation of the world. Our effort has served to state that enough is enough, and it has begun to push changes forward worldwide.

This is why we, women and men, the inhabitants of this planet, have freely decided to unite and make our voices heard this May 12th, all over the world. We denounce the current condition of our planet, and urge the application of different policies, designed to encourage and promote the common good.

We condemn the current distribution of economic resources as such that only a very small minority escape from poverty or insecurity. Our future generations are condemned to receive a poisoned legacy due to environmental crimes made by the rich and powerful against all of us. Democratic political systems, where they exist, have been emptied of meaning almost entirely. They have been put to the service of the same ones that are only interested in increasing the benefits of their corporations or financial institutions, regardless of the fate of the planet or its inhabitants.

We also declare that the current crisis is not a natural accident. It was caused by the greed of those who have brought the world down to this situation. With the help of an economic science that has lost its original sense, of management of the common good, and became an ideology at the service of financial power, seeking to impose measures that stifle billions of people, without asking their opinion, just alleging there is no other solution. They say we must leave our future in the hands of the same experts who are destroying it.

Here and now, we’re back. We have awakened, and not just to complain. Now we aim at the true causes of the crisis, their policies and their lies disguised as empty rhetoric. We propose alternatives to those policies, in order to fix the current situation and to move towards a more democratic world. We want a world ruled by the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity– the old dream of our ancestors had when they rose against oppression in previous generations, throughout the planet. We want a world where every woman or man is guaranteed the right to the free pursuit of personal and collective happiness.

The statement below does not speak, or claim to speak, on behalf of everyone in the global spring/Occupy/Take the Square movements. This is an attempt by some inside the movements to reconcile statements written and endorsed in the different assemblies around the world. The process of writing the statement was consensus based, open to all, and regularly announced on our international communications platforms, that are also open to all (like the ‘squares’ mailing list, the weekly global roundtables and the ‘international’ facebook group). It was a hard and long process, full of compromises. This statement is offered to people’s assemblies around the world for discussions, revisions and endorsements.

There will be a process of a global dialogue, and this statement is part of it, a work-in-progress. We do not make demands from governments, corporations or parliament members, which some of us see as illegitimate, unaccountable or corrupt. We speak to the people of the world, both inside and outside our movements. We want another world, and such a world is possible:

1. The economy must be put to the service of people’s welfare, and to support and serve the environment, not private profit. We want a system where labour is appreciated by its social utility, not its financial or commercial profit. Therefore, we demand:

  • Free and universal access to health, education from primary school through higher education and housing for all human beings, through appropriate policies to get this. We reject outright the privatization of public services management, and the use of these essential services for private profit.

  • Full respect for children’s rights, including free child care for everyone.

  • Retirement/pension so we may have dignity at all ages. Mandatory universal sick leave and holiday pay.

  • Every human being should have access to an adequate income for their livelihood, so we ask for work or, alternatively, universal basic income guarantee.

  • Corporations should be held accountable to their actions. For example, corporate subsidies and tax cuts should be done away with if said company outsources jobs to decrease salaries, violates the environment or the rights of workers.

  • Apart from bread, we want roses. Everyone has the right to enjoy culture, participate in a creative and enriching leisure at the service of the progress of humankind . Therefore, we demand the progressive reduction of working hours, without reducing income.

  • Food sovereignty through sustainable farming should be promoted as an instrument of food security for the benefit of all. This should include an indefinite moratorium on the production and marketing of GMOs and immediate reduction of agrochemicals use.

  • We demand policies that function under the understanding that our changing patterns of life should be organic/ecologic or should never be. These policies should be based on a simple rule: one should not spoil the balance of ecosystems for simple profit. Violations of this policy should be prosecuted around the world as an environmental crime, with severe sanctions for convicted.

  • Policies to promote the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy, through massive investment which should help to change the production model.

  • We demand the creation of international environmental standards, mandatory for countries, companies, corporations,and individuals. Ecocide (wilful damage to the environment, ecosystems, biodiversity) should be internationally recognised as a crime of the greatest magnitude.

2. To achieve these objectives, we believe that the economy should be run democratically at all levels, from local to global. People must get democratic control over financial institutions, transnational corporations and their lobbies. To this end, we demand:

  • Control and regulation of financial speculation by abolishing tax havens, and establishing a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT). As long as they exist, the IMF, World Bank and the Basel Committee on Banking Regulation must be radically democratised. Their duty from now on should be fostering economic development based on democratic decision making. Rich governments cannot have more votes because they are rich. International Institutions must be controlled by the principle that each human is equal to all other humans – African, Argentinian or American; Greek or German.

  • As long as they exist, radical reform and democratisation of the global trading system and the World Trade Organization must take place. Commercialization of life and resources, as well as wage and trade dumping between countries must stop.

  • We want democratic control of the global commons, defined as the natural resources and economic institutions essential for a proper economic management. These commons are: water, energy, air, telecommunications and a fair and stable economic system. In all these cases, decisions must be accountable to citizens and ensure their interests, not the interests of a small minority of financial elite.

  • As long as social inequalities exist, taxation at all levels should maintain the principle of solidarity. Those who have more should contribute to maintain services for the collective welfare. Maximum income should be limited, and minimum income set to reduce the outrageous social divisions in our societies and its social political and economic effects.

  • No more money to rescue banks. As long as debt exists, following the examples of Ecuador and Iceland, we demand a social audit of the debts owed by countries. Illegitimate debt owed to financial institutions should not be paid.

  • Absolute end of fiscal austerity policies that only benefit a minority, and cause great suffering to the majority.

  • As long as banks exist, separation of commercial and financial banks, avoiding banks “too big to fail”.

  • End of the legal personhood of corporations. Companies cannot be elevated to the same level of rights as people. The public’s right to protect workers, citizens and the environment should prevail over the protections of private property or investment.

3. We believe that political systems must be fully democratic. We therefore demand full democratization of international institutions, and the elimination of the veto power of a few governments. We want a political system which really represent the variety and diversity of our societies:

  • All decisions affecting all mankind should be taken in democratic forums like a participatory and direct UN Parliamentary Assembly or a UN people’s assembly, not rich clubs such as G20 or G8.

  • At all levels we ask for the development of a democracy that is as participatory as possible, including non representative direct democracy .

  • As long as they are practiced, electoral systems should be as fair and representative as possible, avoiding biases that distort the principle of proportionality.

  • We call for the democratization of access and management of media (MSM). These should serve to educate the public, as opposed to the creation of an artificial consensus about unjust policies.

  • We ask for democracy in companies and corporations. Workers, despite wage level or gender, should have real decision power in the companies and corporations they work in. We want to promote cooperative companies and corporations, as real democratic economic institutions.

  • Zero tolerance to corruption in economic policy. We must stop the excessive influence of big business in politics, which is today a major threat to true democracy.

  • We demand complete freedom of expression, assembly and demonstration, as well as the cessation of attempts to censor the Internet.

  • We demand respecting privacy rights on and off the internet. Companies and the government should not engaged in data mining.

  • We believe that military spending is politically counterproductive to a society’s advance, so we demand its reduction to a minimum.

  • Ethnic, cultural and sexual minorities should have their civil, cultural, political and economic rights fully recognized.

  • Some of us believe a new Universal Declaration of Human Rights, fit for the 21st century, written in a participatory, direct and democratic way, needs to be written. As long as the current Declaration of Human Rights defines our rights, it must be enforced in relation to all – in both rich and poor countries. Implementing institutions that force compliance and penalize violators need to be established, such as a Global Court to prosecute social, economic and environmental crimes perpetrated by governments, corporations and individuals. At all levels, local, national, regional and global, new constitutions for political institutions need to be considered, like in Iceland or in some Latin American countries. Justice and law must work for all, otherwise justice is not justice, and law is not law.

This is a worldwide Global Spring,. We will be there on May 12th  [*], we will fight until we win. We will not stop being people. We are not numbers. We are free women and men.

For a Global Spring!

For global democracy and social justice!

Take to the streets on May 12th!

Needles to say that you can adapt the text of this manifesto to the local particularities of your assembly, group, country, city, village, it belongs to all of us.

[*] May 12th is the day when we call evey one to participate in a PEACEFUL rally all around the world, larger than 15O, but of course we are not forgetting our comrades in the US doing their share on May 1st, London in May 1st, May 5th and May12th. Chicago during G8 and NATO summits, Frankfurt on their BlockOccupy actions from 16-19 May in front of the ECB headquarter and so on.

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