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Marco Fioretti's starts Italian webinar on free software and digital culture

Via Marco Fioretti:


next december I'll start teaching an online course. The main topics
are summarized here:


The course discusses in depth many of the issues mentioned in these



while the course was originally designed for volunteers participating
in NGO development projects overseas, all the content, and above all
the general slant of each lesson, is deliberately covered at a level

- doesn't require any software-related competence beyond basic
end-user knowledge of personal computers

- is directly useful also to all teachers, parents and other citizens
who care about active citizenship, civil rights, open governments
and similar issues.

the December 2009 edition of the course is in Italian only (meaning
that the slideshows and discussions in the forums will only be in
Italian). I would like to understand if there is demand for an English
edition of the same course, so thanks in advance for any feedback and
for passing the word around as much as you can.

Marco Fioretti

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