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Launch of the P2P Research Group: preliminary research phase

Dear friends,

Now is the time to indicate your interest in this new group, which has assured funding for a number of conferences already.

Please confirm your interest, and fill in this important questionnaire,

Many thanks for participating,


Athina Karatzogianni a.karatzogianni@hull.ac.uk or athina.k@gmail.com

Michel Bauwens michelsub2004@gmail.com

Project: P2P Research Group

Questionnaire – The Brick Wall of Reality: Understanding the P2PResearch Group and its Participants’ Expectations

We would be grateful if you could take some time to fill in this questionnaire. Please feel free to comment on both questions and answers and feel encouraged to comment more extensively, if you find it is necessary.

1. Name:





Web Page:


2. In your mind, what are the aims of this research group?

3. What is the primary function you want the group to serve?

4. What do you want your role in this project to be? Please list at least three main activities you think are involved in this role.

5. How do you think you benefit from working in such a group?

6. What do you think the role of your organisation/affiliation is in this project?

7. What do you think your organisation will gain from participating in this project?

8. Please list your priorities regarding this project, from 1 to 5, 1 being the most important.

9. Considering your previous experiences, what would you say are the weaknesses and strengths in this type of project?

10. What are your personal concerns with this specific project, if any?

11. Think of your ideal P2P Research Group. What should it involve?

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