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Launch of Online Community on Free Technologies at FTA Campus

Via Wouter Tebbens:


Dear friends and colleagues,

maybe you've heard it already: we have been working to set up an online community about Free Technology. A community portal hosted by the Free Technology Academy, completely based on Free Software and integrated in its online campus. It's an informal social networking space where people can participate in (and create) groups to learn, discuss and work together about Free Technology.

Some examples of activities that you could find there (but don't feel limited by this short list!):
* discuss and share knowledge about Free Software, Standards, Hardware, Data, Networks, ...
* share knowledge about Free Software Policymaking
* discuss about the FTA study programme, campus and help it make better
* participate in the definition of a common curriculum about Free Technologies
* propose complementary courses
* get in touch with likeminded people from all over the world, from many different backgrounds

Come and have a look!

1) register a free campus account: http://campus.ftacademy.org/
2) go to the /community/ frontpage and login: http://campus.ftacademy.org/community/
3) set up your profile, portfolio, include your rss feeds, microblogging services, follow your friends or contacts and check out the various tools.

And there's an introductory guide: http://campus.ftacademy.org/wiki/index.php/Community_Portal:_Introd...

I hope you like it and see you around!

Wouter Tebbens

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