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iz3w call for papers on allotment struggles for public goods

Call for papers

iz3w Nr 322 on allotment struggles for public goods

iz3w is one of the most important political magazines in German language that deals with
north south issues and their economic, ecologic and social implications. In six editions per
year, we focus on topics such as globalization - migration and racism, human rights, peace
and war, development politics, post-colonialism, ecology and media as well as on social

The iz3w does not claim to be a neutral source of information and analysis of world
happenings. We are more inclined towards a critical approach of the "new world order",
which in our opinion is not for the betterment of all. Seeing an abundance of material
possibilities to guarantee a decent living for all, we deplore a world where billions are forced
to live in poverty & suppression.

In our edition appearing in December 2010, we will focus on public goods and the struggle
about them. We will ask about definitions and limitations of the public goods concept and we
will reflect the past and present debates on related issues such as public global goods or on
commons. Of course, the capitalist seizure of public goods in the name of privatisation is one
important matter, but we do not want to limit our focus on the accusation against the
neoliberal privatizers.

We would rather like to ask about those who are on the other side of privatization. What are
their forms of organizing and which strategies have lead to success? We are equally
interested in strategies of defence as in strategies of appropriation of goods that have been
or should be public.

This call is to ask for case studies on the issue from all over the planet. Water may, on the
grounds of its universal importance, be one main issue for the magazine, but also other
goods such as land, air, sea, knowledge and energy will be interesting to read about. We are
looking for authors who are willing to contribute an idea or an essay (5.000 – 11.000 digits)
on one of these topics. As for the style, we do prefer informative and pointed articles to
purely scientific analysis. Interviews with key persons of allotment struggles would be equally
apt. Please communicate your idea as soon as possible to koengeter@iz3w.org.

Texts should be submitted before September 30th 2010. Please forward this call to any other
person that you think could contribute to an interesting edition of our magazine.
The printed magazine will be published in German Language on December, 20th 2010.

Original versions of contributions in other languages will be published on our website


informationszentrum 3. welt (iz3w)
phone +49 (0)761-74003

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