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International Research Seminar on Property and Commons in Paris

Property and Commons

The new issues of shared access and innovation


International Seminar


Paris, 25-26 April 2013



This seminar will present for discussion the results of three years of surveys and research carried out in the framework of the PROPICE project (Intellectual Property, Commons and Exclusivity), sponsored by the French National Research Agency.

Info via http://www.mshparisnord.fr/ANR-PROPICE/

The research contributes to the fundamental observation that the rise and reinforcement of intellectual property rights over the last thirty years, marked by exclusivism, has generated strong tensions that often conflict with the needs of the numerous communities or innovators and creators.

Consequently, the formation of commons in the domain of scientific, technical or artistic creation can be seen as a series of attempts to build legal and organisational tools to surmount the obstacles and limits imposed by the strengthening of diverse intellectual property rights.

By combining historical and empirical studies in multiple fields (ICT, biotech, pharmaceuticals, cultural goods, etc.) with economic and legal approaches, the research carried out in PROPICE is intended to help portray the promises and difficulties inherent in the construction of commons as alternatives to the implementation of exclusive IPR


The PROPICE project, under the scientific direction of Benjamin Coriat, brings together three partners:

-                      The CEPN (UMR CNRS 7234) from the University of Paris 13, (Sorbonne, Paris Cité); PROPICE team directed by B. Coriat

-                      The CRDST (Centre de Recherche sur le Droit des Sciences et des Techniques) from the University of Paris 1; PROPICE team directed by C. Noiville

-                      The SESSTIM (UMR INSERM/IRD/University of Aix-Marseille); PROPICE team directed by F. Orsi


Working Langages : French and English (simultaneous traduction provided)

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