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International FabLab Conference in Lima ,Peru August 15-20, 2011.

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The International FabLab Conference organized by MIT's Center for Bits & Atoms will take place in Lima ,Peru  from August 15th to 20th, 2011.

Our hackerspace "Yachachiq" is going to organize an International HackerSpaces Conference which will take place, after the FabLab Conference (from August 22th  to 26th), in Lima and Cusco. The spoken language will be english.

The Impact
All important events are organized in the US or in EU and people from the south are unable to attend. There are many difficulties to get the visas and the travel costs are high. This is the first time that an international meeting will happen in the south.

What we Need & What you Get

Lima is a low-cost city compared with other cities in South America. It is possible to rent a conference room for 3 full-days with capacity for 160 people for around $3000. An advantage is that the conference will be free for all.

If more funds are available, it is possible to extend the conference for a week, with small sessions for specific topics, free coffee break and even a free city tour.

Many people are interested in visiting Cusco and Machu Picchu, Cusco is more expensive than Lima but we could have one special meeting in Cusco. Small conference rooms for 60 people are availables at low cost. With an additional $1000 we can have a meeting in Cusco and free for all.

On July 24th 2011 is the 100th anniversary of the rediscovery of Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders, by the American explorer Hiram Bingham.

In order to support foreigner participants from South America, Africa, East Europe and South Asia, an extra funding of $6000 is required for travel costs. It allows 6 or more HackersSpace members to participate in this conference.

Other Ways You Can Help
We are looking for other hackerspaces interested in co-organize this conference in Peru.



- Hardware

- Software

- Bio Hacking


- Business Models & Funding

- Art, Design & Technology

- Hands-on workshops
- Education
- Apropriate Technology

Dates and Location

August 22th & 23th (Conference)

Cultural Center - San Isidro - Lima

Catholic University of Peru


August 24th (Hands-on workshops)


August 26th

Cultural Center - Pisac - Cusco (Unconference)

Catholic University of Peru


Conference fee

Thanks to your support the conference fee will be $0.0. A limited number of grants can be available to cover participants´ attendance. Travel costs can be also covered by the funding.


Our HackerSpace

We are a group of active inventors and developers. Currently, we are working in two projects: A DIYBio project  for the BIOMOD Competition with a group of undergraduate students and a household water treatment system for rural zones.

The Yachachiqs of Peru

In the traditional culture of the Andes there is not difference between arts and technics, a Yachachiq could be a master artisan or a local mechanics. Yachachiq is the quechua name for people who pass on knowledge. Yachachiq is a tittle, the community gives the title of Yachachiq to people from their community who has extraordinary abilities and leadership skills. They already have such incredible technical abilities and creativity. They can even decide whether some information, knowledge or tools would be useful. They have expertise on adapting things in order to serve their needs. They are able to improve their environment in order to achieve their goals without any outside interference or advice. Yachachiqs are DIWO people and they do their own things from available local materials.

Innovation in the Developing World

There are many examples of innovations created in the developing world. However they are not world-known and invisible for international media. Maybe the most known case is: William Kamkwamba. A grassroot inventor from Africa, he built a windmill to power electrical appliances in his house from materials collected in a local scrapyard. His case is not the only one. There are many William's in the developing world.

Local Partners
Cultura Libre (The Peruvian Chapter of Students for Free Culture)

Please keep reading this twitter to stay up to date on all the new developments and the organization of this great event in Peru.

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