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Innovating through commons use: community-based enterprise

Via Erling Berge and Frank van Laerhoven

New Issue Announcement : Volume 4, Issue 1| June 2010

Editors-in-Chief Frank van Laerhoven and Erling Berge are pleased to
announce the publication of Volume 4, Issue 1 (2010) of the International
Journal of the Commons.

We invite you to visit our website at:


Our newest issue contains a special feature called “Innovating through
commons use: community-based enterprises” that was prepared by Iain J.
Davidson Hunt and Fikret Berkes.

Furthermore, you will find a sample of articles, the draft versions of
which were presented at the IASC 12th Biennial Conference, Cheltenham, UK.
This set of articles was compiled by guest-editors Bonnie McCay and Alyne

Also, we would like to draw your attention to the special feature on
Microbial commons, that was prepared by Tom Dedeurwaerdere.

Of course, besides these three batches of special feature articles, the new
issue also contains regular research articles and a book review. Links to
these articles in this issue are appended below.

Thank you for your continued interest in our work,

Frank van Laerhoven & Erling Berge
International Journal of the Commons

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email to: f.vanlaerho...@geo.uu.nl)

International Journal of the Commons
Vol 4, No 1 (2010)
Table of Contents


Innovating through commons use: community-based enterprises (Guest editors:
Iain J. Davidson-Hunt and Fikret Berkes)
Innovating through commons use: community-based enterprises (1-7)
Fikret Berkes, Iain J. Davidson-Hunt

Community-based enterprises and the commons: The case of San Juan Nuevo
Parangaricutiro, Mexico (8-35)

Alejandra Orozco-Quintero, Iain Davidson-Hunt

The use of joint ventures to accomplish aboriginal economic development:
Two examples from British Columbia (36-55)
Jeremy Boyd, Ronald Trosper

Commons management and ecotourism: Ethnographic evidence from the Amazon
Amanda Lee Stronza

Place-power-prognosis: Community-based conservation, partnerships, and
ecotourism enterprises in Namibia (78-99)

Arthur Frederick Hoole

Vicuña conservation and poverty alleviation? Andean communities and
international fibre markets (100-121)
Gabriela Lichtenstein

Community wildlife sites in Oxfordshire: an exploration of ecological and
social meanings for green spaces (122-141)
Anna Lawrence, Star Molteno, Tom Butterworth

Institutional innovation in less than ideal conditions: Management of
commons by an Alaska Native village corporation (142-159)
Dixie Dayo, Gary Kofinas

Placing the commons at the heart of community development: Three case
studies of community enterprise in Caribbean islands (160-182)
Sarah McIntosh, Yves Renard

Community-based enterprises: The significance of partnerships and
institutional linkages (183-212)

Cristiana Simão Seixas, Fikret Berkes

Selected papers from the IASC 12th Biennial Conference, Cheltenham, UK
(Guest editors: Bonnie McCay and Alyne Delaney)
Introduction to Special Issue commemorating the 2008 conference of the
International Association for the Study of the Commons (213-225)
Bonnie J. McCay

Towards an eclectic theory of the internet commons (226-250)
Justyna Hofmokl

Cooperative Research and Knowledge Flow in the Marine Commons (251-272)
Teresa R. Johnson

Deliberative democracy and co-management of natural resources: The case of
Funäsdalen snowmobile regulation area (273-292)
Anna Karin Elise Zachrisson

Tenure, tourism and timber in Quintana Roo, Mexico: Land tenure changes in
forest Ejidos after agrarian reforms (293-318)
James A. Barsimantov, Alexis E. Racelis, Grenville Barnes,
Maria DiGiano

A common claim: Community land ownership in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Fiona Douglas Mackenzie

Poverty in small-scale fisheries: The governance perspective (345-366)
Svein Jentoft, Paul Onyango, Mohammad Mahmudul Islam

Cumulative effects, creeping enclosure, and the marine commons of New
Jersey (367-389)
Grant Murray, Teresa Johnson, Bonnie J. McCay, Mike Danko,
Kevin St.
Martin, Satsuki Takahashi

Microbial commons (Guest editor: Tom Dedeurwaerdere)
Self-governance and international regulation of the global microbial
commons: Introduction to the special issue on the microbial commons
Tom Dedeurwaerdere

Governing the management and use of pooled microbial genetic resources:
Lessons from the global crop commons (404-436)
Michael Halewood

An empirical assessment of the effects of the 1994 In Trust Agreements on
IRRI Germplasm Acquisition and Distribution (437-451)
Elisabetta Gotor, Francesco Caracciolo

Crop improvement in the CGIAR as a global success story of open access and
international collaboration (452-480)
Derek Byerlee, H.J. Dubin

Public or private economies of knowledge: The economics of diffusion and
appropriation of bioinformatics tools (481-506)
Mark Harvey, Andrew McMeekin

A common basis for facilitated legitimate exchange of biological materials
proposed by the European Culture Collections' Organisation (507-527)
Dagmar Fritze

Research articles
The network structure of adaptive governance - A single case study of a
fish management area (528-551)
Annica Charlotte Sandström, Carl Vilhelm Rova

Maine land: Private property and hunting commons (552-570)
James Michael Acheson, Julianna Acheson

“Hybrid institutions”: Applications of common property theory beyond
discrete tenure regimes (571-596)
Laura German, Andrew Keeler

Book reviews
Fortmann, L. 2008. Participatory Research in Conservation and Rural
Livelihoods. Doing Science Together. Hoboken NJ; Wiley-Blackwell (597-598)
D. Dustin Becker

Yours sincerely,
Erling Berge and Frank van Laerhoven,
managing editors
International Journal of the Commons

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