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Creatives 4NN - European Campaign for Net Neutrality

Via Gianfranco, press office of Scambioetico

Creatives 4NN - International Campaign

A few hours after the cancellation by the Telecoms Package amendment
138, REFF and Scambioetico movement start off to "Creatives for Net
Neutrality - Creatives 4NN. The amendment was the last of the package
under discussion in Bruxelles by these days, to protect the privacy
and freedom of information and expression.

Recognizing cyberspace as the privileged place of contemporary
conflict, "Creatives for NN" is aimed at the digital creative
communities and individual users of the network - first of all users
of file sharing, scapegoats of those laws - to create music, video ,
banners, plotting, poetry and comic strip on one or more themes to
choose from:

- Telecoms Package
- Net Neutrality
- Mere Conduit
- Amendment 138 of the Telecoms Package
- Legalization of P2P without commercial purpose

The works received will be used to launch an international campaign
which puts to the attention of European citizens and the public the
urgency of action on these issues, promoting higher undersanding and
critical awareness

Creatives 4NN is an initiative created by Scambioetico movement with
the support and collaboration of REFF.

For all information on participation and content at this link:



(Scambioetico is an Italian movement for the decriminalization of P2P and
the defense of net neutrality which is part of the European Coalition
Opennet) and REFF (an international competition in which artists,
writers, musicians, designers, architects and creatives submit their
works, as long as they are created by remixing, mashing up,
cutting-up, recontextualizing, squatting, morphing one or more
"objects" that are subject to copyright/patent restrictions)

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