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Conference for Workplace Democracy - Connecting Our Workplaces: Building Cooperative Economies

Dear Friends of the Eastern Coordinating Council,

We are pleased to announce that the 2011 Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy will be held July 8 -10, 2011 at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


Click here to download a printable Save the Date flier (PDF).


Connecting Our Workplaces: Building Cooperative Economies

The 2011 Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy will bring together representatives of worker cooperatives, ESOP’s, and other cooperatively-run organizations to strengthen the network of democratic workplaces in the Eastern United States.  Through networking, seminars, tours, and storytelling, participants will exchange tools and solutions for democratic management and development of cooperative workplaces.  We will share strategies for building systems for regional support and advocating for ourselves as we build momentum toward the 2012 International Year of Cooperatives.  A new feature this year will be a full-day mini-conference in which participants will compare models for cooperative development. 

Given the current economic climate, the ECWD will emphasize the importance of an economy that utilizes cooperative and democratic organizational structures to support equitable systems for exchanging goods, services & products and stewardship of the commons for mutual benefi t by all.  We believe that democratic workplaces are the fundamental building blocks that power our work towards economic, social, and environmental justice and solidarity.

Stay tuned! A request for proposals, schedule, fees, accommodations, and more will be available soon on our website! For more information or to be added to the ECWD email list, contact ECWD organizers Neily Jennings or Esteban Kelly .

Please share this exciting news with your colleagues!


The Eastern Coordinating Council, Staff & Advisors


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