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Looking at Clojure for developing what is currently called a "Collective Intelligence Magnifier." Considered "Collective Intelligence Amplifier" but the acronym is already taken by what appears to be a brute force anti-intelligence affair. One might call it a collective wisdom generator. The label doesn't matter, really.

Think of your brain. When you have bad thoughts does your brain seek out originating cells to kill or incarcerate them? What about good thoughts? Does your mind seek to make cells that may have originated those queen or king of the parade? My idea hopes to invoke scaled anonymity, the more valued a person proves to be in providing worthwhile governance, the more anonymity they have. Right now seems humanity's social system seeks to kill the good and elevate the bad. Is that really any way to run a starship?

Prepared a Google presentation document on the proposal with a spread sheet of data objects and some preliminary use case mock-up screens you can see here: http://www.mindsing.org/CIM2010.html A brief explanation of the motivating vision is provided and there is also a list of some potential science attributes that it might provide that appear cogent to a viable world-around collaboration system.

Warning: free Ning websites may be gone in about 30 days including this one and, of course, the P2P foundation is not P2P so don't expect support for anything reasonable from its top-down management.

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Comment by Tom Loeber on April 16, 2010 at 8:02
Oh, just checked out the report on Ning going non-free and maybe it will take 3 months not 30 days for things to change for this endeavor. Here tis: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-20002611-36.html?tag=newsEditorsP...

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