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Campaign for Commons Literacy is launched!

The School of Commoning, a London-based commons education group has launched last night the Campaign for Commons Literacy,


Inspired by the upsurge of interest in the international commons movement, and in the UK, ideas presented by Blue Labour, the School of Commoning plan to host two fringe events at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool, 25 -29 September. They will be the ‘Managing Local and Global Commons’  leadership seminar and ‘The Art of Commoning’ workshop. The first will be lead by James Quilligan, internationally renowned commons economist; the second will be facilitated by George Pór and the SoC faculty.


 “The commons is the social and political space where things get done and where people have a sense of belonging and have an element of control over their lives, providing sustenance, security and independence. It gives voice to civil society and helps us to learn new social practices, imagine a political, economic and social system beyond capitalism or communism. It is beyond party politics or other sectarian beliefs and practices.” (Wikipedia)


The purpose of the School of Commoning and its developing Commons Literacy Campaign is two-fold:


1. To help communities, organisations and social systems developing effective practices in protecting and managing common pool resources and public goods.


2. To engage leaders in public service, civil society and business, in a constructive dialogue on participatory governance models, in which the state and markets are more responsive to the needs of the people, and more supportive to their self-organisation centred on developing and protecting shared resources needed for their livelihood.



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Comment by Michel Bauwens on August 19, 2011 at 13:45

Hi George, feel free to also announce this on the regular blog, post-dated to 26th or after,



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