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Call for papers - P2P energy production and distribution

Via Vasilis Kostakis:

Call for papers - P2P energy production and distribution

Info at http://www.re-public.gr/en/?p=1399

We invite contributions for our upcoming special issue entitled “A critical view on Peer-to-Peer energy production and distribution”.

It can be argued that a shift to a P2P-based, sustainable society would be based on a set of inter-related infrastructures:

* A distributed communication and coordination infrastructure with tools for more transparent governance.
* A distributed money infrastructure that might be based on open money systems.
* A distributed agriculture and manufacturing infrastructure which has been emerging with open design communities.
* Αnd last but not least, the energy production and distribution infrastructure i.e. P2P energy: the ability to produce energy in a sustainable way at a hyperlocal scale.

This issue aims to shed light on this dynamically evolving subject of P2P energy production and distribution, and identify the challenges that lie ahead. Hence, we are interested in any article that would discuss the potential, the challenges and the applications of P2P alternative modes of energy production and distribution.

Send your articles (around 1500 words) in odt or doc format to issue editor Vasilis Kostakis at:

kostakis.b AT gmail.com

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