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I have started a meetup group to explore existing and future P2P collaboration tools for organizing group efforts. It is located here.

1st: We catalogue existing software tools with an eye towards some basic requirements:

OS independent
No Server Required
Easy but secure encryption
White Board
Text Chatting
Concurrent or plug-in voice and/or video handling.
File sharing support

2nd: We try some of the applications for our meetups and see what they offer and how well they work.

3rd: We draw up a set of guidelines from our observations as to what would comprise a better working application.

With insight from the above three steps and the changing world of software offerings, we then basically repeat the process over maybe incorporating some new guidelines that would aid in reaching the ultimate goal, ever better means of organizing greater numbers of people.

I have four candidate software applications lined up so far as potentially worth exploring and there are more to come.

Drop on by the web site and see if this project interests you and join up, contribute and I hope to meet you soon via our first online meetup!


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Comment by Evolving Trends on December 10, 2008 at 0:23
Good stuff...

I can feel something big coming, as far as transformation goes. We can all feel it. Everyone can feel it.

I'm into the 'Economy as a Game' and the idea goes back to your 'Society as a Game' writeup.
Comment by Tom Loeber on December 11, 2008 at 9:19
Altered my search criteria at SourceForge to sort the results of the search for "P2P Collaboration" by date of last file and then browsed through the first 25 pages. Looks like I found some likely candidates and am now planning the first meetup with an application called RetroShare which provides forum, messaging, private and group chatting, file sharing and more. Apparently it is all without a server. It does not have a whiteboard feature, as far as I can tell, but a little stand alone app. called "Multiplayer Notepad" might do the trick. I see possible VoIP and video chatting software to add into the mix eventually but to start I think I will limit it to just RetroShare alone.

Need more people in the process than just the 3 that have signed on so far. If you want to be a part of something exciting and fun, drop on by and join the "P2P Collaboration Use" meetup group. Online meetup using RetroShare will be scheduled soon.

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