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Announcing a P2P Theory and Action book for 2013

After request by Glyn Moody, I'm putting this communication here on Ning as well.

Dear friends,

I feel it is really imperative that I write a book about the p2p transformations, and I plan to do this in the 2nd half of 2013. The problem is I can't afford to take time off without income, but lecturing tours pretty much preclude the concentration necessary for writing a book. Two options are crowdfunding and grants.

@David Assai suggested the Soros fellowship, see below

The criteria of "the promotion of civil society and social inclusion" certainly seems to fit.

However, I'm not good at this. Anybody familiar with the SF who can do some handholding and offer support in the admin process would be very welcome. I can do this starting mid-december when I'm back home in Chiang Mai for two months.


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