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An appeal to develop a new p2p business metric

We are reproducing this important appeal by French researcher Serge Soudoplatoff.

See also for more background at http://p2pfoundation.net/P2P_Metrics and http://del.icio.us/mbauwens/P2P-Metrics

Contact via serge at almatropie.org

Serge Soudoplatoff:

“I am a French researcher, professor, and entrepreneur working on the topic of the impact of Internet in real life : on business, corporate, customer relationship, etc…

I would like to work on a new parameter of a P2P enterprise, which is basically the ratio of the amount of money exchanged between its customers to the income of the enterprise. This parameter indicates the move of an enterprise from traditional vertical business to a market place managment (exemple : the move from traditional banking to social lending).

All is explained in http://www.soudoplatoff.com/2008/12/a-new-business-indicator-for-enterprise-20/

What would like to do is to set up an international community around this indicator who would :

- research and apply this indicator to existing companies (so far I have estimated it for ebay, Linden Lab, and France Telecom)

- improve the indicator with specialist in economy

- make the promotion of this new market place managment to enterprises, where it is relevant

I have noticed you have done many works on P2P, and I would like to see if you, and people in your network, would be interested in being part, and contributing to this community.”

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