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An alternative primer on national and international copyright law in the global South

Via Mat Callahan para CopySouth



17 May 2011

       If you want a straightforward, but also critical, explanation of the basics of copyright law across South America, Africa and Asia, CopySouth recommends that you read the Spanish edition of its alternative copyright primer which has just been posted online.

      The 75-page book, written by Alan Story of the CopySouth Research Group, is titled "An alternative primer on national and international copyright law in the global South: eighteen questions and answers." It can be downloaded for free at: http://copysouth.org/portal/es/manual_es

    The book is intended for librarians, musicians, downloaders and book readers, information activists, students, and others who want to know how the copyright system actually works in practice in the countries of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Though a wide number of legal issues are explained and analysed, this book is written in a clear and non-legalistic fashion and contains numerous examples.

    The English version of the Primer was published in September 2009. It is also available for a free download at: http://copysouth.org/portal/copyright-primer. Alan Story teaches intellectual property law at Kent Law School in the United Kingdom.

    The Portuguese edition of the Primer will be available within the next few months.

   One reminder: The Rio papers of CopySouth were recently published and are available at: http://copysouth.org/portal/theriopapers

To contact CopySouth, write: contact@copysouth.org

Best wishes,

Mat Callahan for CopySouth       info@matcallahan.com

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