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Via Steven Vedro

Friends: Many of you know me from Digital Dharma, others are friends from spiritual practice, or just 'friends.'

In the last six months I have been working on using the Internet to facilitate the giving and receiving of blessings. I first created a blog [http://myblessingcircle.blogspot.com/] to share the blessings I have given to friends at special events over the last years, and now I seek your help to test the next step in this process: a peer-based community of blessing givers and receivers, sharing blessings across cyberspace, changing the vibes of the planet in the process!

This website [myblessingcircle.com] allows users to anonymously ask for and receive blessings and encouraging wishes, and also to create blessings for others. The "appropriateness' of the messages are policed by the community itself, with abusive content flagged for removal before it is sent to anyone, while "the best blessings" can receive extra appreciations from the receiver and the community at large.

Help me evaluate this "test version" website by logging on, creating an account, asking for and responding to blessing requests, and sharing your ideas in the feedback forum.

Thanks so much for assisting me in this project!

Steven Vedro

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