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A new book on Independent Media in Chinese Societies

Via Iam-Chong Ip:

“Hong Kong In-media is a non-profit organization advocating blogger journalism and media activism in Hong Kong.

Recently we’ve published a book titled Info-Rhizome: Report on Independent Media in the Chinese-speaking World. This book is about the recent development of independent media (including small activist media, community radio, blogger, media activist, etc) in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The contributors are experienced media workers or bloggers.

We’ve uploaded all chapters of this book onto internet. You may read it here at http://interlocals.net/?q=node/314

Our book is partially sponsored by a very very small fund. We’ve got to cover more than half the cost. If you want to support our work, you may order a hard copy of this book. For details, please also go to: http://interlocals.net/?q=node/314 (We accept payment through paypal)”

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