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2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems for June 19-22 2013

Please see the following announcement for the 2nd International Conference
on Complementary Currency Systems for June 19-22 2013


contact: ccsconf@iss.nl


The conference is organized by the Civic Innovation Research Initiative at
the International Institute of Social Studies of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

  1.  It calls for papers on complementary currency systems, historical experiences with multiple monies, alternative exchange networks, and other
practices with diverse means of payment.

2.  It seeks to discuss the social, economic and political significance of multiple currency systems for development.

The conference is bilingual (English and Spanish), with sessions organized in either language. It offers space to academics and practitioners alike to
organize panels, workshops, and any other session formats that participants see fit to stimulate the exchange of ideas and experiences.

In principle the conference will have two strands with academic and practitioners’ activities respectively but there will be various instances for interconnection. The first two days of the conference (June 19th and
June 20th) will concentrate the academic panels and the last two days (June
21st and June 22nd) will focus on the practitioners’ activities.

The last International Conference on Community and Complementary Currencies held in Lyon, France, in February 2011 noted that there was no historical equivalent of such a growing tide of currency schemes since the beginnings
of industrialization at the turn of the 19th century.

Among others, community and complementary currency systems include initiatives like the LETS, time banks, the Argentine Redes de trueque, the
Ithaca Hours in the USA, the German regiogeld, the Brasilian community banks with surrogate currencies, the SOL currency in France, the ‘Transition
Towns’ in the UK, the RES in Belgium and the Wir in Switzerland,
mobile-phone payment systems in Uganda and Kenya, and for digital remittances in El Salvador.



  *   Meso and micro level analysis of CCS and their viability
  *   Alternative economic systems and diverse economies
  *   Social constructions of local resilient economies
  *   Autonomous local development of regions
  *   Environmentally sustainable local economies / low-carbon economies
  *   Micro politics of resistance and civic-driven change
  *   Historical experiences with multiple monetary circuits
  *   The ontology of money as economic institution

Conference registration fee

200 euros (includes full access to conference papers, lunches and dinner on
19 June) - online payment will be available shortly

Deadline for submission of abstracts and sessions

10 January 2013

Request for registration fees waivers and subsidies

30 March 2013

Deadline for registration and submission of papers

30 May 2013

Conference dates

19 to 22 June 2013 (19 & 20 June academic panel discussions, 21 & 22 June
practitioners panel discussions)



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