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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

OpenSourceCamp is delighted to invite you to attend the event 'OpenSource ,
Value Return' taking place on Oct.25th in Beijing.

The numerous users have adopted very quickly sharing knowledge and
transferring information on the internet. People also is building and maintaining of
their relationships with the network, But what's behind all of those innovation?
Open Source, the greatest process for gathering people to participate and share
technology and culture on the internet. Now, Lots of enterprise is already building
their infrastructure base on open source software such as Linux, java, php, python,
ruby, mysql and so forth.

* What's Open Source Camp?

OpenSourceCamp is unconference event that brings together open source
developer, Geek , entrepreneurs, academics, venture capitalists, and technology
influencer, Tech Media for an intense user-created conference about open source,
emerging technology topics. The event combines sharing , learning, networking,
and fun. Participants, who are experts and innovators in their fields, are also the
presenters. The goal is to boost tech community and innovation not only in China
but also around the world.

* When is it?

The evening of Saturday, Oct 25, 2008 and 13:00 -- 19:00.

How To Registration?


* Where will it take place and How to get there?

In Beijing. -- English Study Bar beside the WenJing Hotel, LanqiYing Bus Station, The west of
Wudaokou Railway station.

Any questions, Contact to

Peter Cheng
Mobile: 138-1138-1302
Email: opensourcecampgmail.com

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