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A vision for 2012: Planning for extraordinary change

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“Priests, shamans, and holy men have been talking about the coming decade for hundreds of years, and many scholars, examining the recurring patterns of history, also foresee major upheaval on the horizon.
In this timely and insightful treatise, Petersen explains how the world and its leaders must prepare for an onslaught of potential crises, such as rapid climate change, a tipping point in the global financial system, a pandemic, or a new level of sophistication among terrorists. At the same time, Petersen highlights the unbelievable breakthroughs in knowledge, mindsets, and scientific capabilities that demonstrate our extraordinary capacity not just to persevere, but to evolve. Provocative yet hopeful, A Vision for 2012 outlines an effective approach to the immense challenges - and opportunities - that lie ahead.”

“John L. Petersen is the President and founder of The Arlington Institute, a nonprofit future-oriented think tank, and the editor of the e-newsletter FUTUREdition. Petersen is also the author of Out of the Blue: How to Anticipate Wild Cards and Big Future Surprises.”

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