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I just finished watching the Graffiti Research Lab Movie which is available as a bittorent from http://graffitiresearchlab.com/
Its a testament to the cultural value of the free and open source approach.
The Graffiti Research Lab develops new often low tech approaches for graffiti, street art and protest. They invented 'throwies' l.e.d 's that you can throw up onto metal surfaces , or write with, and also developed laser tagging which allows for street artists to write or draw over the entire surface of a large building from a distance using a projector and a laser. They publish the know how and software for doing these things for free online and watch the projects then take on a life of their own. They also talk about how big business has appropriated the projects for advertising and commercial purposes and in response GRL's counter strategies.
This film is enjoyable, inspiring and fun. Definately worth the watch.

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