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... where?

March 2008? After 13 years on the web? After 36 years of online activity in one form or another? (I could say 41 years, if I counted ham radio!)

How about this:
let's go with "something old and something new ..."
I'll let the "something blue" be the tree / blue sky / horizon JPG I just installed as the background on my profile page here. :-)

Something old:

The website for our People's Summit project ... the event we mounted parallel to the 1995 G7 conference. A fabulous example of how group activity can demonstrate the best and worst of progressive dynamics. (An A-list type parachuted in to proclaim and be proclaimed as holder of revealed wisdom concerning things HTML ... dividing the project, dead-ending the effort, and contributing precious little. When time came to re-vitalize the project in 2002, for the G8 Finance Ministers' Meeting, I came up with a preliminary homepage but, well, bad memories haunted the whole community and it never stirred its loins.)

"Green Future Foundation" and one of its resource pages, from 1996 ... the community was a spent force. What should have been a veritable celebration of dynamism and collective intelligence became an exercise in careerism and one-upmanship. The project was still-born. Sad. Just sad.

And most recently?

Something new:
Beside a couple of posts to my dusty old "DAV and Docs" blog, and the inevitable updates to my venerable aulde LiveJournal...
... I launched something to revitalize my more general interests: UdJonell.blogspot.com is getting me to re-visit Jon Udell's body of work, which seems to me a veritable cornucopeia of delights. (So this will do double duty, counting as something borrowed, too!)
And GroundPlane.wordpress.com, my newest thing and certainly the most significant in a long while.
This has been a long time coming; I can't say I've dropped "stealth mode", the cat's still very much in the bag ... let's say I've allowed it to poke its head out. Yaa, something like that.

p.s. thanks to Michel Bauwens for the invite and to Sepp Hasslberger for the warm reception

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