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The Appeal and Forum at the EP: “Another Road for Europe”

Europe is in crisis because it has been hijacked by neoliberalism and finance. In the last twenty years - with a persistent democratic deficit - the meaning of the European Union has increasingly been reduced to a narrow view of the single market and the single currency, leading to liberalisations and speculative bubbles, loss of rights and the explosion of inequalities.

This is not the Europe that was imagined decades ago as a space…


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P2P Mode of Foreign Relations

Based on the insights drawn from Kees van der Pijl and Michel Bauwens, I have identified the rise of ‘P2P mode of foreign relations’ as the radical alternative to the top down ‘Global Governance’ mode.

Below slide presents the argument.


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MAY 12TH – #12M GlobalMay Statement

MAY 12TH – #12M GlobalMay Statement


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THE GLOBAL SQUARE > Calls 4 Coders

THE GLOBAL SQUARE > Calls 4 Coders


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