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I'm the founder of the P2P Foundation and live in Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand.

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  • chris macrae

    Which are the different type of peer to peer happenings somewhere around globe that you would recommend everyone interested in P2P can gain from looking at?
  • phil jones

    Hi Michel,

    if you're still going to be in Brasilia in November, I've been talking to someone who may interested in a talk by you. Do you want to chat about details?

  • Marco Berlinguer

    Sure. Actually I am in USA for a while. And we are planning to organize the next seminar in San Francisco or Berkeley. It should be be between November and December. If you were here, it would be great. Anyway, I subscribe you at our mailing list. So you'll keep informed.
    Networked Politics is an informal and open project. So feel free to invite enybody at the list and to propose whatever initiative you like aorund it.
  • Marco Berlinguer

    Pity. But we'll meet here or there, soon or late.
  • Alain Heureux

    yes and they will join the initiative I think..Simone is very enthusiastic about The Egg ;-) Thanks
  • Josef Davies-Coates

    Michel, you coming to London next March then? (just saw your comment to Chris)

    I'm organising an Open Everything Open Space at The Hub Kings Cross towards the end of March/ beginning of April - be really great if you could join us? :)
  • Josef Davies-Coates

    Haven't got a concrete day yet, but will let you know as soon as I do :)
  • Maeve McGoldrick

    Hi Michel, I resume you mean to share some information about the peer to peer research?.. I worked for an anti poverty charity ATD Fourth World and in the UK we just compleled a 2 year research project - where it was lead by people experiencing poverty. The aim of th eproject was to make policy recommendations to local and central government policy makers with a poverty and socail exclusion remit, informaed with the knowledge of people with first hand experience of poverty. . THe Porject was called Voices For A Change and a report can be downloaded from www.atd-uk.org. We trained people living in poverty as peer researchers and to become spokespeople on behalf of those living in poverty. Peer research added richness to the research a nd brought benefit to the participants. We found that peer to peer workmeant we got more realistic results and people becamen a lot more actively involved in creating change. This is what I wish government to model a new approach to people working informally on. In the UK benefit recipient s may work informally as a survival mechanism, it takes them out of absolute povety but traps them in relative poverty. the governemtn has a zero tolerence approach to this and we believe this pushes people further underground and into isolation. peer to peer would encourage people to come froward and talk about teh ir experiences and voices what changes need to be in place in order to make informal work no longer a necessity to survive.

    Hope this helps and gives a better idea of what we are looking for and why peer to peer is so valuable in our work.
    If you have any suggestions I would like to hear them
  • Eugenia Laghezza

    Thanks! Eugenia
  • Josephine

    I am a psychotherapist so, unfortunately, I need to remain fairly anonymous when I set up camp anywhere on these here Internets. Thanks for the welcome!
  • Sepp Hasslberger

    Hi Michel,
    I saw your economy links on delicious. Here are some more I just came across.
  • Russ Volckmann

    Thanks, Michel. I am sure I will learn a lot, as always when I engage with you and those who are part of P2P. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and others on this list to
    • Send announcements of events far enough in advance to be relevant for Integral Leadership Review issues,
    • Send accounts of participation in workshops/conferences and other activities for the Notes from the Field section of ILR, and
    • Submit articles for possible publication in ILR. An example might be a discussion of (and care) of leadership in P2P contexts.

    Also, we have initiated Integral Publishers and are in the process of publishing three books, one in the Insights on Leadership series, another on "The new Currency" and the third on "Evolutionary Leadership." I am interested in receiving book proposals.

    How's that for a start?
  • Russ Volckmann

    Should have been: "discussion of (and caSe of) leadership."

    What an editor I am!
  • Christian

    Merci Michel de m'avoir envoyé une invitation à p2pfoundation.
    Actuellement, j'habite Arles, dans le sud de la France, où je travaille comme Responsable TIC d'une entreprise d'ingénieurie : le LERM
    Au plaisir de te lire !
  • Thijs Jansen

    Yes Michel. I am editing a book on professional pride. It will be published in june. In the Netherlands the government still believes that the work in the (semi-)public branche can be improved, and the costs can be lowered by introducing competition. Some consequences of this method are: demotivation of the workers, the incentives to cooperate disappear, innovation stops etc. This book wants to present alternatives. If you know about excellent papers from the p2p-world which might be a contribution to the book, I would be interested!
  • Russ Volckmann

    I would be more than happy to when the project looks a little better than it does right now. A reviewer has some substantive feedback for the author and this will not be resolved for about a week. I will let you know more when it is time. Thanks for your interest.
  • Christian

    Oui j'ai quitté la région de Cognac. Je ne suis plus Pasteur maintenant, je travaille au sein d'une entreprise en la qualité de Responsable TIC. C'est donc pour moi et ma famille un changement assez important. Et toi, tu es toujours en Thaïlande ? J'espère que tout va bien pour toi. J'ai cru lire quelque part que tu as écris un ouvrage édité chez L'Harmattan. C'est juste ?
    A bientôt
  • SashaMrkailo


    P2P Space Agency, sounds like a great idea although its just in the idea phase it seems.
  • Carlos Boyle

    It would be a pleasure for me to participate
  • Marco Giustini

    Hi Michael! I know very well the italian translation of your work! Would be also pretty to find other italian people interested in subtituling your interview made by Robin Good in Rome! I met you on the Oekonux mailing list on which is discussed the possible extension of the free software paradygm in economics.
  • Tom Crowl

    Thanks very much! Already find much of interest and possible connections with Virtual Districts concept!

    And have been commenting away like mad!
  • carobotero

    Thanks!! I must now find out what to do here and how... I will be wondering about a little bit and see what happens...
  • Sam Kinsley

    Hi Michel, thanks for the invite and was great to see you on this side of the world!
  • Pauliina Seppälä

    Thanks. I'm yet more of a student of p2p, but let's see when i start contributing more.
  • Philip Sadler


    My work is in its early stages. it is about how abundance can help bring about sustainability and, if used well, can make a huge difference to world poverty. It places great emphasis on the coming convergence of thre m new technologies nano and bio alongsid AI. I think it very important to show convincingly that post scarcity does not only apply to digital goods and services but also to intangibles. I will respond at length when I have more to say. Regards. Would love to meet up if you ever come to London
    philip sadler
  • Christian

    welcome aboard Christian! >>
    Merci Michel de me permettre d'être à bord ! mais si parfois certains ont le mal de mer sur un bateau, j'ai malheureusement le mal d'anglais...et j'ai un mal fou pour pouvoir surfer sur cette langue ! je lis mais je participe peu...
    Quelles sont donc les avancées du P2P ? y a-t-il un meilleur agencement du partage qui mériterait un bouleversement du média ? Ce sont les deux questions que je me pose. Tu dois certainement avoir des directions à ce sujet...Merci pour tes éclairages.
    A bientôt
  • Thijs Jansen

    Dear Michel, it has taken some time... The book has just been published and the title (translated) is 'Professional Pride: Un Unsuspected Force'. See English summary attached. And for the cover see http://www.uitgeverijboom.nl/catalogus/fondsen/algemeen/beroepstrots_9789085066767.html
    Thijs JansenEngelse summary Professional Pridedef-corr.doc
  • Uuk Paik

    Thank for your greetings. I am nowadays very much interested in p2p political economy. I found several articles written by you and finally have been drifted to this nice place. It's nice to share the ideas and information about digital piracy. The war between the representative of capitalists and digital pirates has begun here in Korea. Korean government declared new intellectual property law which threat the users not to remix and upload the copyright contents. When a user uploads copyright contents more than 3 times his ID would be banned compulsorily by the authority. How stupid ideas they have! But I believe 'dead labor' would not win over 'live activity' of the cleaver pirates.
  • Pablo A. Vannini

    Thanks Michel
    I'm very interest to share our experience and to learn more about the p2p F works. We keep in contact
  • Catalin Ivan

    Hola Michael! Uruguay has various promising aspects, that I have yet to understand. Many organizations that bear the name "cooperative"... especially for organizing resources of the significant poorer population. Part of its past includes a significant import of French variants of collectivisms (19th) and many Italian anarchists (early XX as well as later "cultura operaia"). The implementation of OLPC (1 laptop / child), called "Plan CEIBAL", is the most successful in the world; will definitely try to look into that. I expect to find a higher degree of collaborative-minded activities in the "South" than the "North" (stereotype?), and... we'll see what comes out :) I believe open/p2p/network concepts are here to stay... but in what form? at what price? This world is interesting :) Hugs to all from Montevideo!
  • Peter Williams

    I understand. Josef was able to give me a brief but informative explanation. Thank you for your addition.
  • António José Videira Tavares

    I'm very interested to share my experience with development and adoption of academic p2p networks. I hope to have feedback from the community to help me understand some strange results.
  • Venessa Miemis

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I enjoyed your talk very much - perhaps we'll have a chance to exchange ideas here and on iDC
  • Venessa Miemis

    If that means it is raising awareness of the work being done by the P2P Foundation, then I am glad.
  • Carlos Boyle

    Yes he is real, but marcos no. All stuf that cotains the word "viagra", no.
  • Vida

    HI Michel:
    Hope you are well. I believe spams have found their way to P2P foundation too. Like the one I have just gotten from "lucydavid"..
    Is there a way to send them away?

    Thanks so much;
  • Michel Bauwens

    yes Vida, just seen it, I was on the road so behind in my spam checking ... I need to ban them, upon which their articles are deleted,

  • Mair Jones

    Thank you Michael

    Im not sure what happens next here,

  • Claudio Rivera Seguel

    Hi Michel
    Great to here this.
    If you would like to visit Chile we might be able to help.
    What would you have in mind and is there any budget?
    Also please let me know what your plans are for Argentina.
    I know people in Buenos Aires and Cordova.
  • Berend van de Weerdt

    Beste Michel,
    tijdens de presentation op het Min van LNV vorige week liet u een schema zien van een scenario met vier werelden die ontstaan bij de tegenstelling Open <-->Closed en FREE <--> betaald> ik wil daar voor Minz.com graag een blog over schrijven. kunt u mij de link naar de presentatie geven?
    met vriendelijke groet

    Berend van de Weerdt
  • Berend van de Weerdt

    Thnx, You inspired me to write a blog about this 4 scenario's at Mindz.com. I will inform you about it when i'm ready
  • Berend van de Weerdt

    Betse Michel

    ik heb een eerste opzet van mijn blog P2P als nieuw economisch adagium geplaatst op mindz.com: http://www.mindz.com/profiles/Bweerdt/blog/2010/3/30/P2P_als_nieuw_...
    ben benieuwd naar uw reactie.
  • Claudia

    thank you! :-)
  • Jodi Dean

    thanks--this is a great site and the Marx discussion incited me to join. I hope that I'll have a chance to contribute something to it...
  • Matt Rutherford

    I might have something - I've shot a mail to Matt Johnston @cimota with your details & this community. He might have a bunch of stuff for you or none at all. Apologies for being brief, leaving for Central Asia in the morning!
  • Jon Lebkowsky

    I just saw this message you left me on Ning in 2009 - I didn't see it before, sorry for my failure to respond! I promise to be more present.
  • Anna Harris

    HI Michel,

    Thank you for your welcome, which is very flattering, but not sure on what it is based. Is this the way you welcome all new members?

    Would welcome an explanation,


  • Anna Harris

    Hi Michel,

    Thanks for your reply. I was hoping for a response, if you have time, to my comment on the Marxism debate, reproduced below.

    Quote  – ‘The key is that generalized non-reciprocity cannot be imposed by any top-down force, however benign, but must by necessity mature in the real society as people can gradually move towards it as sufficiency and abundance replace scarcity dynamics.’

    One large factor being ignored here is the role of childcare usually provided by the mother, the basis of all non-reciprocal relationships, producing value which is nowhere acknowledged as an economic asset, but without which no society could exist. or regenerate itself. I hesitate to mention the word ‘love’ in this context but without it why would people move towards more generalised non-reciprocity? It is that primary relationship with a carer – not to exclude fathers or others – which is the first experience of sufficiency and abundance, which will set the pattern of receiving and giving, and will enable a deeper connection with and solidarity with humanity as a whole. In that ability to care, engendered by that first primary relationship, care for ourselves and the other, we can discover our deep need to give, to contribute to another’s well-being, which can nourish our own dignity and empowerment. Through that experience we can envisage the maturity described above moving towards the ‘social individualism’ described by Marx and further towards the ‘Communism [that] is the voluntary cooperation among individuals for both social good and for their own pleasure and development.’

    This is not a relationship that has to be created. It is our natural relationship to each other and to the world which is distorted by the economic system of markets and money mechanisms, which alienates us from our true selves. It remains to be discovered when that conditioning and those conditions are thrown off. Whether we have to go through a transition period will depend more, in my opinion, on how quickly we recognise the motivating role of Love and the priority of the mother/carer/child relationship.

  • Lucas Nebert

    Thanks Michel. I haven't written anything up yet but I will soon. I find a lot of truth in your thesis on p2p production, and p2p agriculture is my passion. To build a true commons we must build the soil.

  • Michel Bauwens

    can't wait Lucas!