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Are you a human?
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I have been networking for some years and am interested to see humanity become a more compact, stable, intelligent reality.

Needed changes, brainstormed together with Robin and Susan in January 2003 on Terceira island, Azores:

Genova, the Azores and our Common Future

My focus is principally in three areas:

Natural health (Health Supreme)

Physics and new energy (my blog)

and economics/new monetary systems. This last one does not have a dedicated site, so both Health Supreme and the physics blog have some stuff on it. Some articles are on my earlier site as well.

My desire: help prepare humanity for our entry into a new space age ...
How did you come across this network?
Michel Bauwens pointed me here.

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  • Josef Davies-Coates

    Hi Sepp, thanks for the thanks :)

    Loads of really great people have already joined which is indeed promising and exciting :)

    I'm loving finding out more about everyone!
  • Michael Riversong

    Wow another Bard? Have you checked out my site at ? One thing i'm always concerned about is having that site network to other Bards. If you have a site covering that, i want to see it. Meanwhile, thanks for all the great documentation you're doing!
  • Arun

    hello Sepp!
    Nice to know that you too share this forum. I am still learning how to use all the facilities.
  • Stephen Joyce

    Hi Sepp I’ve just joined P2P and am passionate about our species’ ability to develop it’s collaborative intelligence. If we are to turn the planet around we need the participation of just about everyone – we need a very special ‘Yahu’ (
    …anyway would like to have you connect to me as a friend on this network and love to make connections for others when I know enough about them to know who to introduce them to. I hope I can do that for you in the future.

    Kind regards

    Steve J
  • Teemu Arina

    Don't know about Stephen. About the finnish smart-kid post:

    - ammount of schoolwork depends of institution, I atleast had more than I could cope
    - test requirements are defined by curriculum, so there is standardization, but not something like SAT

    I would say, that one reasons why we do well is that we are a small country, there are more teachers per number of students than in many other countries. Many schools are more based on groupwork, but universities are very much the lecture format.

    The prime reason though, is the quality of school food. We have very healthy and nutritious food in schools, that keeps people awake.
  • athina.k

    thanks loads! i am sure i will!
  • Bas Reus

    Hi Sepp, what a discussion/thread on backing up the Internet you started. Apparently very inetresting at the moment for quite some people here. Cheers, Bas.
  • Bernard D. Tremblay (ben)

    Sepp! How very nice! As I go about my morning ritual I'm composing a reply in my mind to what /seems/ to be a very legit DreamHost donation.

    It's the first time I've set out a begging bowl (though I've been a street musician on and off since '78) so I wasn't positive that the originating address was the donor.

    Thanks so very much! And very kind of you ... I won't sing the blues here but let's just say it makes a substantial difference. Very good of you to respond; good to know that such as you are out there.

  • Bernard D. Tremblay (ben)

    *NB: Ning's "Comment Wall" instroduces almost 100% entropy by shattering the thread; this is more like Discussion on wiki UserProfile pages than anything else.*

    Let me start a blog thread with you ... I spent a while exploring yours and other blogs on NewMedia ... re-finding Tom Atlee had me in flash-back mode; dug up some of my stuff from '95 ... plenty to explore!


    p.s. a still-born project from back-when: "The Green Future Foundation" ... magnetizing collective intelligence is ever-fresh!
  • Bernard D. Tremblay (ben)

    I'm tempted to delete that comment, but will instead post this as notice of my mistake: Ning has an interesting little feature ... apparently someone is sensitive to the "shatter the thread" effect that wall-like functions have. "Follow thread" ... that's a new one for me ... sweet!

    That's the sort of "spring-loaded web-page" that I've been straining to see implemented. Wonderful! Very glad to be wrong!
  • Nomad

    Hello! Sepp, I'am your regular reader. Nice work! =)
  • Michel Bauwens

    thanks Sepp, very useful,

  • Nelson Pretto

    thanks Sepp.
  • Jeane Manning

    hi Sepp
    Half a year after you welcomed me to P2Pfoundation, i finally got back to the website. Shamefully late!
    Thank you for the comments about our book Breakthrough Power. Suggestions for possible publishers of foreign editions are always welcomed.
    I very much appreciate the insights that you bring to forums in our world.
    Best regards, Jeane Manning
  • Vladimir Nickolayevich Tretyakov

    Thanks Sepp for your proposal on friendship. Let our intercourse give us additional stimuli to act and think OVERCOMING OUR COMMON-HUMAN EVOLUTIONARY CONDITIONED STUPIDITY!
    Sorry I have seen gifts proposed, none is deserving you in aesthetic sense...
    Best regards
  • Janos Abel

    We are a team, then.
    Do you know others who are already convinced that UBI, MR, LVT? are a "good thing"? These are the difficult but fundamental areas to reform.
  • Janos Abel

    Thank you,

    I am a bit confused here. Not sure why RSS feed is useful in addition to the usual "follow comments" facility.

    While on the subject of confusion, the peer to peer concept is intriguing. It gives me the impression of creating networks in layers. Academics in one layer, factory workers in another. However, if an academic is promoting Basic Income in his "world" and a factory worker in his, can they be considered as peers? Or have I got this totally wrong?

    Sorry about the acronyms. MR... Monetary reform, LVT (not LTV)... Land Value Tax. These address what I call the two fundamental monopolies. Fundamental, in the sense that no change significant enough to avert the looming human disaster can happen unless the benefits from money/natural resource monopolies are socialized.