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work for peace-not-war, musician, "activist" but that word makes me ill... very political, main agenda, world peace but justice comes first... workin on at the moment tryin to get website development skills back up to speed
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josef from part of the peace-not-war network, it was actually david couzins peace-not-war president of the Cogers society told me to check it

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  • Josef Davies-Coates

    Hello Rob! :)

    Nice one for joining.

    This platform is developed by the people at, see

    Its a cool tool (still, only one of many, there are lots of similar ones out there) but not free (as in freedom) software. Just playing around with it really.

    Not actually sure what you're asking me though?

    You should be able to do everything you want to do on PnW servers (but maybe you need more details and/or permission?)

    Really though, if you want to brush up geekery skills you should be getting into coding python.

    PS mose (and pretty much everyone here, actually) certainly is a revolutionary :)

    He is the French dude who was the main developer of and is who got me out to Venezuela for the Caracas Trollparty (and the Norway one before that).